Shell Closing 1,000 Gas Stations, Turning to EV Charging

shell closing 1000 gas stations turning to ev charging
Photo Credits: Auto Future


Shell, a major player in the oil industry, is shifting its focus towards renewable energy and electric vehicles. The company recently announced plans to sell off 1,000 of its gas stations over the next two years to make way for more electric vehicle charging stations. This decision comes as a response to changing customer preferences.

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Already a significant investor in electric vehicle charging, Shell has experience in converting gas stations into charging hubs. Their Shell Recharge EV charging division has been rapidly expanding, with thousands of public charging points added worldwide. By 2025, Shell aims to have around 70,000 public charging points, increasing to 200,000 by 2030.

In a notable move, Shell opened its largest EV charging station in Shenzen, China, with overwhelming customer turnout. While selling 1,000 gas stations may seem significant, it only represents a small fraction of Shell’s total sites. The company has not disclosed which stations will be sold, but it aims to replicate the success seen in China, including in the United States.

With this shift towards electric vehicle infrastructure, Shell is positioning itself for the future of transportation. The move reflects a broader trend in the industry towards sustainability and clean energy solutions.

How do you think Shell’s shift towards electric vehicle charging will impact the future of transportation?

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