Tips on How to Fix Xbox App Not Showing Installed Games on Windows


Aside from steam, epic games, battle net, and Ubisoft. Xbox also added their launcher on Windows with tons of games in it. However, you have to subscribe to Game Pass to get a month’s access to a vast collection of games from different developers. It won’t cost you too much since it is priced pretty cheap. For 10 dollars you have access to a bunch of triple-A titles. With that being said, what if your Xbox app is experiencing an issue? You can’t access or view the games that are already installed for you. here is a quick fix on how you can access your game library.

Log in and out of the Xbox App

sign in and outLogging out and back in is one of the basic yet effective fixes for issues like this. Just open the Xbox app and click on your username on the top left and select sign out. After that click on the top left again and select sign in.

Restart the Xbox Gaming Services

If you don’t have the gaming services installed or updated then it is probably the reason why your Xbox app is encountering this issue. One way to fix this is to restart the gaming services. Here is how you can do it:

services.mscStep 1: Press Windows+R on your keyboard and type in services.msc then hit enter.

restart services.mscStep 2: Once the services tab is open, look for the Gaming Services, right-click on it, and select restart.

Clear the Temp files

For most applications, temp files are usually the root of the problem. It can prevent certain apps from opening or even functioning properly. Clearing your temp can fix your problems from time to time. Here is how you can clear your temporary files:

disk cleanupStep 1: Click the Windows logo on your keyboard type in disk cleanup and hit enter.

disk cleanup 2Step 2: Click on the drop-down menu select your main drive and click OK.

temp bin clenaStep 3: Select the Temporary files checkbox and click OK to proceed.

Step 4: Click the Delete Files button when the confirmation appears.

Repair or Reset the Xbox App

When PC apps like Xbox act up, Windows’ built-in app repair option can be helpful. To resolve problems with the Xbox app and get it to display installed games on Windows, you might try using this function.

app settingsStep 1: Type in the Xbox app on the Windows search box right-click on it and select the app settings.

xbox reset repairStep 2: You will be sent to the reset section of the Xbox app and from here click on repair. If repairing it doesn’t work try the reset button under the repair button.

Those are the tips on how you can fix your Xbox app not showing your installed games. Hopefully, this guide helps you fix the issues that you encountering. If none of the mentioned fixes worked for you then you probably need to send a ticket to Microsoft so they can assist you on how you can fix the problem.


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