Tesla Recalls 4,000 Cybertrucks for Accelerator Issue



Tesla has issued a recall for nearly 4,000 of its highly anticipated Cybertrucks. The reason? A potentially serious issue with the accelerator pedal that could lead to unintended acceleration.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there’s a problem with the pedal’s cover. It might pop off and get stuck in the floor trim, causing the vehicle to speed up even when the driver isn’t pressing on the pedal.

Videos making rounds on the internet reveal the culprit, too much lubricant on the pedal cover. This slippery situation allows it to slide up and get jammed, preventing the pedal from going back to its normal position. And that’s a recipe for trouble, as it could lead to the truck zooming off unexpectedly, putting everyone at risk.


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Cybertrucks Recall

But fear not, Cybertrucks owners! Tesla has vowed to fix or replace the faulty pedals at zero cost. While the official recall notices won’t hit mailboxes until June, concerned drivers can reach out to Tesla now to schedule a service appointment.

This recall comes at a time when Cybertrucks enthusiasts are already feeling the sting of delays. Many were likely gearing up for their long-awaited deliveries only to receive news of this hiccup. And it’s not the only challenge Tesla is facing lately.



The electric car giant recently saw its first dip in deliveries since 2020, with a 20% drop compared to the previous quarter. To stay afloat, the company has had to tighten its belt, resorting to layoffs to trim costs and rev up productivity.

But all hope is not lost. Tesla is shifting gears to focus on efficiency in 2024. CEO Elon Musk has hinted at slower sales growth for the year ahead, signaling a strategic pivot to weather the storm.

So, while these recent bumps in the road may be cause for concern, Tesla is revving up its engines to tackle the challenges head-on. And with their track record of innovation and resilience, who’s to say they won’t come out on top?