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Tesla Layoff

Tesla Layoff Concerns as Employees Fear Possible 20% Cuts

  Tesla Inc. employees are becoming increasingly uneasy as reports from Business Insider and Electrek indicate that the company may be planning Tesla layoffs affecting...
Tesla Model X

Tesla Settles Autopilot Crash Lawsuit with Family of Apple Engineer

  Tesla has decided to settle a lawsuit with the family of Walter Huang, an Apple engineer, who tragically lost his life in a car...
Tesla Robotaxiv

Tesla Robotaxi Launch Set for August 8th

  Today, Elon Musk took to X's social media to drop some exciting news! A Tesla Robotaxi is on its way, slated for debut on...

Tesla Settles Environmental Lawsuit for $1.5M

  Tesla has agreed to fork over $1.5 million (PHP84 million) to settle claims related to mishandling hazardous waste at its California sites, including the...

Tesla’s Limited Rollout of the Cybertruck

Ready for an electrifying event? On November 30, 2023, Tesla will finally reveal its highly anticipated Cybertruck in Austin, Texas. But hold on—only 10...

Tesla Teams Up with McDonald’s to Create Cyber Spoon

The electric car company Tesla has teamed up with McDonald's to "redefine" the fast-food experience. This is a surprising move that fits with Tesla's...
Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Door Panels Revealed: Test Vehicle or Final Design?

The Tesla Cybertruck, an electric pickup known for its future look, is getting a lot of attention because photos show door panel gaps that...
Tesla's Supercharger Business

Tesla’s Supercharger Business Could Earn Billions

The Tesla Supercharger network is more than just a bunch of charging stations—it's a rising financial giant. A few years ago, Tesla said that...
Tesla Sues Two Ex-Employees

Tesla Sues Two Ex-Employees For 75,000-Data Breach

Two former Tesla employees have been sued. About 75,000 persons were affected by a data leak. Handelsblatt discovered the data breach on May 10 after...
Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Finally Develops Its First Cybertruck

The first Tesla Inc. Cybertruck finally left the production line on Saturday in Austin, Texas, after several years of setbacks and delays. Musk presented a...