realme 12 5G: Balance of Power and Beauty


In today’s market, most consumers seek a device that seamlessly balances aesthetic appeal with versatile functionality that can handle daily activities such as movie streaming, casual gaming, and occasional photography. However, such all-encompassing versatility often comes with a premium price point, which is a common obstacle for many prospective buyers.

But, with the realme 12 5G, you can get this combo of power and beauty at an affordable price of Php 14,999.

Chic Design

The realme 12 5G is surely an eye candy, capturing attention with its design reminiscent of trendy luxury watches. Its aesthetic charm is evident in the camera module that resembles a Sunburst Dial; while the zipper-like pattern mimics the sophistication of a 3D Jubilee Bracelet, accentuated by polished edges for a fined finish.


Its design may be similar to its bigger siblings, realme 12+ and realme 12 Pro+, however, this device distinguishes itself with a glossy back panel compared to the vegan leather backs found in its siblings.


Aside from that, this device is pretty sleek too having a 7.69mm Ultra Slim form factor and weighs 188 grams which is a tad lighter and slicker than its siblings. This device also comes in 2 colorways such as Twilight Purple and Woodland Green which I think are pretty chic.

Beauty Inside

Its outside appearance is not just beaut but so is its performance, matching its exterior aesthetics this device runs on a MediaTek Dimensity 6100+ chip with ARM Mali-G57 GPU which is responsible for delivering captivating graphics on your phone’s display, as well as elevating your gaming experience with its responsiveness and smooth navigation.


Apart from that, this device also boasts a 6.72” display size with an FHD+ Resolution of 2400×1080. Meaning, the details on the screen look sharp and vibrant. Since this device has a 91.4% screen-to-body ratio, expect minimal bezels and maximized visual space as the display extends nearly edge to edge.


Furthermore, the realme 12 5G is equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate. This feature enhances the fluidity and responsiveness of on-screen animations and transitions, resulting in a smoother and seamless user experience. May it be scrolling your social media feeds, web browsing, or even playing games.

Now, for individuals like myself who spend a considerable amount of time outdoors and rely on their phones for various tasks, the realme 12 5G ensures seamless functionality even under direct sunlight. This device has a brightness capability of up to 950 nits that guarantees clear and legible screen visibility.

Capturing Moments

Apart from a phone’s aesthetics and processing power, we have to admit that most of the time, a phone’s cameras significantly influence our decision-making process when selecting a new smartphone.


A good example is the realme 12 5G. Its rear camera is equipped with 108MP 3x Zoom Portrait (which is similar to the realme 12 Pro+) and a 2MP black and white sensor. So, taking stunning and clear photographs without breaking the bank won’t be a problem at all.

This device empowers you to unleash your creativity and become a “Portrait Master,” as their slogan suggests. Whether you’re capturing candid moments with friends, picturesque landscapes, or artistic portraits, the realme 12 5G ensures that you can achieve professional-quality results without compromising on cost.

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When it comes to its front-facing camera, the realme 12 5G boasts an 8MP camera. Details are sharp and crisp, and what I like about most is it gives a true-to-life skin tone. However, I noticed that this device is quite having trouble in terms of subject to background separation.

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Power Generator


This device has a 5,000mAh battery, so doing your day-to-day tasks like social media browsing, a little bit of gaming, and watching your favorite movies without the thought of running out of power too quickly is not something you should worry about. As a matter of fact, on our standard video loop test wherein the brightness and volume are at 50%, the device lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes which is a good number.

The Verdict

So overall, the realme 12 5G is indeed a balance of power of beauty. At a practical price of Php 14,999. This device proves that it’s not just about having a good performance or a chic design individually but about achieving harmony between these elements to provide a satisfying user experience., making it an attractive option for consumers seeking a balanced smartphone.