Tesla Settles Autopilot Crash Lawsuit with Family of Apple Engineer

tesla model x


Tesla has decided to settle a lawsuit with the family of Walter Huang, an Apple engineer, who tragically lost his life in a car accident involving Tesla Model X’s Autopilot system. The incident took place back in March 2018, and investigations suggested that both the Autopilot system and driver distraction played a role.


While the terms of the settlement remain undisclosed, it’s a significant step for both parties. The agreement awaits approval from a judge, with a hearing scheduled for April 11th. Interestingly, California’s Department of Transportation, another party in the lawsuit, has the chance to voice any objections.

Initially, Tesla planned to involve Apple in the legal proceedings, suspecting that Huang might have been distracted by his phone during the accident. However, no conclusive evidence was found to support this claim. Despite Tesla’s efforts, Apple resisted involvement in the case.

This settlement brings an end to what could have been a groundbreaking legal battle surrounding autonomous driving technology. Yet, it leaves lingering questions about driver attention and the role of Autopilot unanswered.

What’s next for autonomous driving and safety measures on our roads?