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ChatGPT: A Tool for Learning or Cheating?


The widespread impact of artificial intelligence (AI) nowadays has ushered in a period characterized by breakthroughs never before seen and revolutionary changes in various fields.

Since the pandemic, AI has become very popular and sought-after. AI has come to light in education as an opportunity for vital educational experiences and knowledge gathering.

AI technologies are utilized more and more to tailor instruction to the needs of specific students and educators. Among the many available AI chatbots, models, and systems online, ChatGPT reigns as the most popular.

ChatGPT is a language model operating on the GPT-3.5 architecture developed by OpenAI. Its initial demo, released in 2022, quickly gained prominence across social media platforms. The chatbot’s pre-training phase, in which it was exposed to a wide range of internet data to learn grammar, facts, and contextual understanding, allowed it to produce almost human-like text.

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Is ChatGPT a Tool for Learning or Cheating?

ChatGPT can be a beneficial learning tool. It can be a great starting point for ideas for any knowledge-seeking user. The AI tool can organize a response, offer fundamental ideas, and compile data on a particular topic from the internet.

Additionally, it can help develop concepts, explanations, and insights into various subjects or school-related issues.

Its capacity to comprehend and produce coherent text makes it a possible tool for students looking for more information and clarifications to improve their understanding. This may lead to a more thorough and expansive process of learning.

Students can benefit from ChatGPT as it can help them with their studies or schoolwork.

In general, users can ask it questions about issues they face daily, as it can provide specific answers based on their queries.

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What Problems Can It Pose?

Despite the advantages it offers its users, OpenAI’s chatbot can still be used in ways we can’t imagine. Users might depend solely on the information the chatbot has provided.

This dependence could unintentionally hinder their growth and critical thinking skills. Relying only on generated content might compromise one’s work’s originality and result in an insufficient understanding of the subject.

Moreover, concerns about plagiarism are raised by how simple it is for users to obtain information from the model. It needs to cite its sources to paraphrase, draw from, and replicate the writers’ style without giving them credit. This may compromise the values of integrity and fairness.

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As a person who has tried using ChatGPT, I’ve been impressed by how precise, specific, and fast it responded to my queries. Although it still has lapses, overall, the AI tool possesses great capabilities in this era of ever-growing technologies.

With its impressive capabilities, ChatGPT presents a dual challenge – it can be a tool for learning or a gateway for cheating. The advent of technology in pursuing knowledge, along with AI models, can help and guide those who use it wisely. The responsibility lies with the technology’s developers and, most importantly, its users.

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