Hackers Leak 200,000 Facebook Marketplace Accounts

leak 200000 facebook marketplace


A significant data breach has left Facebook Marketplace users vulnerable to phishing, identity theft, and cyberattacks. The breach, revealing phone numbers, email addresses, and personal information of 200,000 users, has created a potential playground for cybercriminals seeking to exploit the compromised data.

The dataset, now confirmed to be available for sale on the dark web, poses a direct threat to affected users. Jake Moore, global cybersecurity advisor for ESET stress the need for immediate action to protect personal information.

Suggestions include changing passwords, exercising caution with unfamiliar messages, and implementing two-factor authentication, with the added recommendation of using a secure authenticator app when possible.

The breach, orchestrated by a notorious cybercriminal operating under the alias IntelBroker, raises concerns about the potential misuse of the exposed information. Sold for approximately $1 per line of data on the dark web, this breach opens the door to various cyber threats, including impersonation and fraudulent attempts to manipulate friends and family into financial transactions.

As Facebook Marketplace users grapple with the aftermath of this breach, how can individuals ensure their online safety in an era where digital threats are increasingly prevalent?