The advancements in smartphone camera technology are rapidly closing the gap with mirrorless cameras, although it’s essential to differentiate them from the professional-grade cameras favored by most cinematographers.

With the introduction of the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s 200MP sensor, one might argue that it represents a more appealing investment compared to a conventional mirrorless camera within the same price range.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Long Term Review

Would you prefer lugging around a bulky camera just to capture a delicate flower petal, or opt for a compact device capable of achieving comparable results?

Yet, the pressing question remains, can the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s cameras truly compete with dedicated mirrorless counterparts? Today, let’s find out whether the S24 Ultra’s camera prowess can hold its own against the shots captured by a mirrorless.

galaxy s24 ultra vs dslr camera

Our comparison entails capturing images using the automatic feature of a mirrorless, equipped with a 50mm lens. Specifically, we’ll employ the Fujifilm X-T3 camera for this comparison.

One notable advantage of the Galaxy S24 Ultra lies in its color processing capabilities, producing vibrant hues when compared to mirrorless. The images appear sharper, albeit with a less realistic bokeh effect.

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A significant disparity between the two lies in post-processing requirements. mirrorless outputs typically necessitate post-editing to achieve desired results, while the S24 Ultra boasts AI features capable of processing images instantaneously upon capture. Unlike the traditional workflow of editing mirrorless shots before sharing, the S24 Ultra streamlines this process, often requiring minimal editing efforts.

samsung galaxy s24 ultra vs dslr camera zoom

In landscape photography, the S24 Ultra excels in capturing vivid images, although it tends to lose detail when zooming in, unlike the mirrorless.

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In portrait mode, the disparity between the mirrorless and the S24 Ultra is subtle. While the S24 Ultra delivers crisper and sharper colors, the mirrorless offers a more natural, true-to-life color rendition. Without context, distinguishing between the two can prove challenging due to minor differences.

Switching gears to video recording, while the mirrorless is limited to 1080P@60FPS, the S24 Ultra boasts an impressive 8K@30FPS capability. Both devices are tested at 1080P@60FPS, highlighting another advantage of smartphones, built-in stabilization negating the need for external gimbals. The sample shot from the Galaxy S24 Ultra demonstrates its remarkable video quality, a feat particularly impressive for a pocket-sized device.

WATCH: Galaxy S24 Ultra vs Mirrorless Camera

In conclusion, the Galaxy S24 Ultra demonstrates its mettle in competing against mirrorless cameras. Mobile photography, especially with flagship smartphones, has reached a level comparable to many mirrorless.

Some films have even been shot using smartphone cameras, yielding results akin to those achieved with mirrorless. Furthermore, the S24 Ultra offers additional benefits, such as advanced AI processing and an array of camera features absent in standard mirrorless. Its 100x zoom capability further sets it apart, eliminating the need for expensive additional equipment.

galaxy s24 ultra vs dslr

However, for those passionate about professional photography, the authentic imagery captured by mirrorless cameras remains unparalleled. If aspiring to pursue photography as a profession, investing in a mirrorless camera is advisable.

So, what’s your take? mirrorless or the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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