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POCO X6 vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison

POCO X6 vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison
POCO X6 vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison | @manilashaker


When you’re choosing a new smartphone, it’s not just about how fast it runs. It’s also about getting the best value for your money. This year, two mid-range phones have caught people’s eyes, the Poco X6 5G and the realme 12+ 5G. Now, if you’re trying to decide between these two for your next phone, well, let’s take a closer look at how they compare in our POCO X6 vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison.


The big difference between them is what they’re made of at the back. The Poco X6 5G has a plastic back that’s shiny and sadly attracts fingerprints easily.

On the other hand, the realme 12+ 5G has a back made of vegan leather with a gold strip, making it look fancier.

But it’s a bit heavier at 190g compared to the Poco X6 5G, which weighs 181g. The Poco X6’s camera is on the top left, while the Realme 12+’s is in the middle. The Poco X6’s camera sticks out more, so it wobbles a bit when you put it on a flat surface.

The buttons on both phones are in the same spots. The volume buttons and power button are on the right side, the headphone jack and another mic are on the top, and the charging port, main mic, SIM card slot, and speaker are at the bottom.

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Whether you like the leather back of the Realme 12+ or the shiny plastic of the Poco X6 is up to you.


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Both phones have a big 6.67 inches screen that’s really clear and smooth. They are also both AMOLED display, which makes the colors look great. Plus, they both have a fast 120Hz refresh rate, so everything moves really smoothly on the screen.

The realme 12+ has something extra called HDR10+, which makes the colors even better and the screen brighter, up to 2000 nits. POCO X6vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison

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On the other hand, the Poco X6 has Dolby Vision, which also makes the colors pop, and it’s protected by a reliable Corning Gorilla Glass Victus.

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The Poco X6’s screen is even sharper, and the edges around the screen are thinner, which makes it look more fancy. So, if you’re worried about your phone’s screen getting scratched or broken, the Poco X6 might be the better choice because it has stronger protection.


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Going to the camera department, both devices feature a triple camera setup with an 8MP ultrawide and 2MP macro lens. Poco X6 boasts a higher 64MP OIS main camera, whereas realme 12+ offers a 50MP OIS. POCO X6 vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison

Poco X6 delivers realistic colors with deep shadows and blacks, while realme 12+ adopts a more vibrant approach. Poco X6 excels in sharpness and crispness, particularly noticeable in detailed shots. Both devices’ ultrawide lenses perform admirably, with no visible distortions or blurriness. POCO X6 vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison

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For selfies, both devices sport a 16MP shooter. But this time, realme 12+ takes the selfie camera spot as it captures true-to-life skin tones with sharper details compared to Poco X6.

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Specs and Performance

Now, how about their performance? Well, when it comes to how fast they work, the Poco X6 runs on a Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chip, while the realme 12+ runs on a Mediatek Dimensity 7050 chip. POCO X6 vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison

The Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chip seems better on paper. It’s made with transistors, which helps save battery, and it’s got a stronger CPU and GPU.

Both phones come with their own special software. The realme 12+ comes with Android 14 and realme UI 5.0 out of the box, while the Poco X6 comes with Android 13 and MIUI 14. They both have some extra apps that come with them, but you can easily remove them if you want. POCO X6 vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison

Both software setups are simple and easy to use. They both have 12GB of RAM and you can add more if you want. But the Poco X6 has more space to store stuff, with 512GB of storage compared to realme’s 256GB.

They’ve both been tested to see how well they work, and here are the benchmarks results. POCO X6 vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison

Benchmark Results

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When it comes to battery, the Poco X6 5G has a slightly bigger battery at 5100mAh, while the realme 12+ has a 5000mAh battery. Both phones can charge really quickly with a special charger that supports 67W fast charging.

They can go from completely empty to full in less than an hour. Even though both phones have screens made with AMOLED, the Poco X6 5G lasts longer on a single charge because it has a slightly bigger battery and a more efficient chip inside.

Price and Availability

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Both cost PHP17,999 and come with 12GB of RAM, but the realme 12+ 5G has 256GB of storage while the Poco X6 5G has 512GB. For the price, the Poco X6 performs better overall. It also has stronger glass on the screen, because of its Gorilla Glass Victus, and more storage space. Plus, if you’re on a tight budget, Poco X6 has cheaper options too.

If you care more about how the phone looks and like the idea of a vegan leather design, then the realme 12+ 5G is a good choice. The difference in performance between the two isn’t huge, so it’s worth considering the realme 12+ if you’re into its design.

If you’re stuck deciding between these two phones, I’d say the Poco X6 5G gives you more bang for your buck. POCO X6 vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison

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In summary, comparing the Poco X6 5G and realme 12+ 5G highlights what each phone does best, catering to different people’s needs. Which one do you think is the better choice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And if you want more details, check out our Poco X6 vs. realme 12+ Video Specs Comparison below!

POCO X6 vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison Video

You might want to check more specs comparison on our YouTube and Manila Shaker’s website. POCO X6 vs. realme 12+ Specs Comparison


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