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Mitsubishi Cars Price List in the Philippines 2021

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Mitsubishi retains as the 2nd best selling car brand in the Philippine market, thanks to its latest models of Mitsubishi Xpander, Strada, Mirage, and Montero Sport. It is not far behind Toyota Motor, which is still the leader in terms of sales for more than a decade and until this year 2021.

Below are the official prices of all Mitsubishi cars, SUVs, hybrid non-plugin Outlander PHEV, and trucks available in the local market including their manual (M/T) and automatic (A/T) variants.

Note that pricing may differ in each showroom and location as well as discounts and freebies. You can always check for the latest SRP in pesos in your nearest Mitsubishi dealer.

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Mitsubishi Mirage price and model 2021

  • Mirage GLX manual – P700,000
  • Mirage GLX automatic – P760,000
  • Mirage G4 GLX manual – P740,000
  • Mirage G4 GLX automatic – P790,000
  • Mirage G4 GLS manual – P760,000
  • Mirage G4 GLS automatic – P870,000

Mitsubishi Xpander price and model 2021

  • Xpander GLX manual – P1,010,000
  • Xpander GLX automatic – P1,090,000
  • Xpander GLS automatic – P1,130,000
  • Xpander GLS Sport – P1,180,000
  • Xpander Cross – P1,260,000

Mitsubishi Strada pickup truck price and model 2021

  • Strada GL manual – P1,000,000
  • Strada GL 4×4 manual – P1,180,000
  • Strada GLX manual – P1,190,000
  • Strada GLX automatic – P1,240,000
  • Strada GLS manual – P1,250,000
  • Strada GLS automatic – P1,330,000
  • Strada GLS 4×4 manual – P1,470,000
  • Strada GT 4×4 automatic – P1,710,000
  • Strada Athlete 4×2 automatic – P1,450,000
  • Strada Athlete 4×4 automatic – P1,760,000

Mitsubishi Montero Sport price and model 2021

  • Montero Sport GLX manual – P1,570,000
  • Montero Sport GLS automatic – P1,770,000
  • Montero Sport GLS Premium – P2,000,000
  • Montero Sport GLS Premium SE – P2,050,000
  • Montero Sport GT autoamatic – P2,000,000
  • Montero Sport GT 4×4 automatic – P2,450,000

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV hybrid non-plugin model and price

  • Outlander PHEV AWD automatic – P3,000,000

Mitsubishi Pajero price and model 2021

  • Pajero GLS 4×4 automatic – P3,000,000

Mitsubishi L300 price and model 2021

  • L300 cab – P800,000
  • L300 Exceed dual Aircon – P1,000,000
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