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Extensions Will Work With Firefox

All Extensions Will Work With Firefox for Android Soon

Firefox for Android users can now install any browser plugin after years of waiting. When Mozilla rebuilt Firefox for Android, it limited extensions to...
Android Device Communication

Google Is Improving Android Device Communication

Integration is the name of the game in this day and age. Not only do our gadgets need to work, but they also need...
Split the Screen on Android

How to Split the Screen on Android

You may operate with two different apps at once by essentially dividing the screen of your Android phone. Both the top and bottom halves...

How To Stop Apple Music Membership on iOS or Android.

Millions of people have signed up for audio streaming services like Apple to listen to high-quality sound. You can watch an extensive library with...

How to Modify the Android Auto UI for Optimal Performance

Android Auto is the best app for your vehicle if you have an Android phone and want to stay linked without taking your eyes...

Google’s Pixel Fold Has a Significant Disadvantage Over Other Foldables.

Foldable Smartphone ergonomics are crucial; user pleasure depends on grip comfort, material feel, and weight. These regulations apply to foldable phones, even if they...

How To Activate Dark Mode In Google Drive

The look of Google Drive on mobile devices is set to match the system's default style. Drive's aesthetic is modified in the app or...

How to get the iPhone and Android apps for ESPN+

Want portable live sports? The ESPN Plus app allows that. The ESPN app offers live coverage of ML, MLS, and UFC, as well as...

Two Methods for Android-To-Mac File Transfer

Some people believe the notion that all Mac users also own iPhones. In all likelihood, most Mac users also own iPhones for compatibility, although...

Google’s Android in India Underwent Significant Changes

Google's biggest market is India, where 97% of 600 million handsets use Android OS. 75% of Europe's 550 million smartphones use Android. Google said on...