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Google Is Improving Android Device Communication

Android Device Communication

Integration is the name of the game in this day and age. Not only do our gadgets need to work, but they also need to work well with other devices. Google is making a new Android tool called “Link Your Devices” that will help your devices talk to each other better.

Most tech users have more than one device these days. They will have a computer for watching movies and TV shows and a phone for making calls and playing games. Well, companies put a lot of work into making sure that these gadgets can talk to each other easily.

Android is pretty well put together, but it still needs some work. According to a new story from 9To5Google, Google seems to be planning to make these changes. Android is getting ready to add a new “Link Your Devices” menu. This will be a place where you can learn about all the different ways you can share functions between devices.

At the moment, the menu only shows one thing you can do. With the Call Switching tool, you can switch between devices while a call is still going on. This is a cool thing to have, and we’ve seen it used by other companies.

Aside from that, we don’t know what other things the company will bring. But, Google could add an Internet Sharing feature, but the screenshot doesn’t show us that option.

We don’t know if the company is still working on more features but the stable version of Android 14 is coming soon, and this might be one of the features it has.


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