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All Extensions Will Work With Firefox for Android Soon

Extensions Will Work With Firefox

Firefox for Android users can now install any browser plugin after years of waiting. When Mozilla rebuilt Firefox for Android, it limited extensions to a tiny range. The select group of extensions included uBlock Origin and Tampermonkey, but it lacked functionality for thousands of Firefox add-ons.

Mozilla has announced that it will unlock Firefox for Android’s extensions system. Mozilla aims to let all extension developers to design and release Firefox Android extensions instead of offering a few dozen.

The company spent years improving Firefox for Android and build the infrastructure necessary to support an open extension ecosystem on Firefox for Android. It also spent time understanding the unique needs of mobile browser users.


Mozilla said Firefox for Android will get the update by year’s end. Mozilla advises developers to optimize Firefox for Android extensions in the next months.

Developers should switch Firefox for Android extensions from persistent backgrounds to non-persistent Event pages to improve stability. Mozilla also announces that Firefox for Android Nightly now supports multi-processing, meaning extensions won’t be housed in the primary Firefox process.

Mozilla recommends switching to non-persistent Event pages because Android’s process management may shut off resource-intensive processes, which could harm browser extensions.


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