Leaked Sony A7CII Images Reveal and Confirm August 29 Launch Date

sony a7cii

A few months ago, it was leaked that Sony would soon release the Sony A7CII as the successor to its A7C compact camera. Now, new leaked pictures of the mirrorless body from Alex NG on YouTube show some small but important changes to the way the camera works.

In addition to the horizontal scroll wheel that was already known to be on the front of the camera under the shutter button, it looks like the A7CII will also have a collar switch for video, stills, and S&Q modes under the mode dial. Also, the back of the camera seems to have at least one more unique button, which will surely come in handy.

The A7CII is going to be a compact all-arounder, so Sony’s improvements to its ergonomics make a lot of sense. They’ll be especially welcome on a compact camera, where makers usually put form over function.

The post about the leaked photos also confirms that the Sony A7CII will come out on August 29. So far, no price information has leaked, but if the A6700 launch is any indication, we can expect the price to be the same as the original A7C, which was $1,799 (PHP102,000).