No Backlog for Licenses and Plates by July 1 Says LTO Chief



The Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that by July 1, all backlogs for plastic driver’s license cards and vehicle plates will be cleared.

This positive development is primarily due to the Department of Transportation’s successful bid for 9.7 million plastic cards for driver’s licenses, addressing the delays caused by supply shortages and procedural issues over the past year.

LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Vigor Mendoza shared this assurance with the public on Tuesday, emphasizing that it has secured enough plastic cards to meet the demand for driver’s licenses until the year’s end.

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Mendoza reported to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. that the LTO is on track to eliminate the backlog. According to the LTO Chief, by July 1, there should be no pending requests.

Also, licenses that expired on April 30 are now being renewed, along with those that expired last year. He encouraged those holding paper licenses to visit their local offices to get their plastic cards.

The good news does not end here, as Mendoza also confirmed that the supply of car plates is sufficient. Together with the licenses, there should be no more temporary plates by July 1.

Isn’t it a relief to know that we’ll soon be free of these delays? Who isn’t excited to finally get their hands on their car plates and driver’s licenses? It’s definitely a long-awaited moment for many!