How to Modify the Android Auto UI for Optimal Performance

how to modify the android auto ui for optimal performance

Android Auto is the best app for your vehicle if you have an Android phone and want to stay linked without taking your eyes off the road. With Android Auto, you can get alerts, use applications and audio services, navigate with Google Maps, and make and receive calls with the help of Google Assistant, all without taking your eyes off the road.

android auto coolwalk

Google launched a split-screen UI for Android Auto Coolwalk, improving consumer usefulness and convenience.

Android Auto can customize to provide more features while driving. The Coolwalk UI flips to put alarms and assistant icons on the driver’s side, and it also changes Google Assistant’s behavior, app start orders, and more.

Here’s how to customize Android Auto:

  • Go to Android Auto in the upper search bar of Settings.
  • To see the complete list of choices, open it and navigate down.
  • What each option does is described below.
  1. Customize the launcher:  It lets users reorder apps and prioritize driving apps.
  2. Hey Google Command:  Users can better manage apps and services by turning on or off “Hey Google” detection. Speech model training improves detection speed and accuracy.
  3. Start Android Auto automatically:  You can choose to start Android Auto when you link your phone to the car.
  4. Sync work profile: Enabling this choice will enable you to receive alerts for your work profile.

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Additionally, you can adjust the direction of Android Auto, as shown here.

  • Using the car’s entertainment system, select the folder icon (lower left) to access the apps.
  • Select the Settings menu.
  • Search for the choice to Change the layout.
  • Move the Navigation closer to the driver.


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Thanks to Android Auto’s integration of applications into your car’s interface, you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. You can manage things like where you go, what you see, who you talk to, what you listen to, and more. Talk to your car’s maker to determine if Android Auto will work with your dashboard screen.

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