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Game On—realme 10 Series Gaming Comparison


realme officially announces that the realme 10, realme 10 Pro, and realme 10 Pro Plus are now available at retailers nationwide. You’ll find a staggering array of dedicated video game engines in each one. The realme 10 uses MediaTek Helio G99 CPU, the realme 10 Pro has a Snapdragon 695 5G chipset, and the realme 10 Pro Plus has MediaTek Dimensity 920 5G chipset. But in terms of video games, how far can they go? If you want to learn more about the solution to the puzzle, keep reading.

Quick Look At Their Specs

Let’s glance at their specifications briefly before entering the actual gameplay. It has 8 GB of Memory, a 6-nanometer manufacturing process, and specialized gaming chipsets. The internal capacity of the realme 10 and realme 10 Pro is 256 gigabytes, while the realme 10 Pro Plus has 128 gigabytes. Let’s start playing with the all-time favorite, Mobile Legends, a MOBA game.

Mobile Legends (MOBA Game)


Even though they are just getting started with Mobile Legends, the footage shows outstanding motion and clarity, even though their graphics options are still set to default. On all of these gadgets, we began playing Classic games. Even in the heat of battle, we had no frame drops or stuttering and no difficulty participating in combat with the different animals, regardless of our device. During the middle of the game, we increased the visual levels to their maximum. The frame rate and general movement of the game have significantly improved. Both animation and image clarity has improved considerably. Playing Mobile Legends on any of these three devices is vastly superior. As a result, it performed admirably in the MOBA game mobile champions.

Now that we have finished that, we will move on to the first-person shooter game called Call of Duty.

Call Of Duty Mobile (FPS Game)


It is now accessible in Call of Duty, which has a more sophisticated rendering engine. We played a deathmatch with the graphics still set to their preset values. The resolution and color palette of the game is instantly apparent. Running and sneaking up on opponents on all three platforms is reasonably straightforward. We did, however, attempt to enhance their aesthetics. Both of them enhanced their gameplay efficiency after making the switch. Every device’s frame rate has improved dramatically, and there is no delay while playing the game. Shooting and running get more smooth and easy to play. As a result, if you want to get the most out of the Call of Duty game, you should opt for the realme 10 versions.

We’ll then play Genshin Impact, a graphically intense action role-playing game.

Genshin Impact (aRPG Game)

Genshin Impact

If you favor this gaming experience, now is the moment to see if the realme 10 series can genuinely handle the Genshin Impact. Initially, the frame rate dropped while the game was loading, but this is standard on all devices. When we played it, it moved slowly, especially on these. Mobility remains controllable even with minor frame rate disruptions, starting with creatures or opponents. We raised their frame rates to 60 frames per second to make things easier. This image option enhances the game’s clarity and color compared to the previous ones but also causes it to slow more frequently. As the game continues, fighting monsters and moving characters become less valuable. However, after disabling the Pro Gamer mode, we observed fewer frame disruptions in the game. The battery will progressively warm up during gaming. If this is the case, the issue is whether the Genshin Impact can contend with the realme 10 series in the long run. It is feasible but will operate at a lower frame rate or, in other words, with the weakest graphics options because playing with higher image options causes the battery to heat up slightly and run out of power much faster.


verdict gaming

One of the most impressive pieces of technology to come out between the years 2022 and 2023 is the realme 10 series. In addition to providing adequate performance with the camera, it also offered satisfactory performance regarding gameplay. With the assistance of its “Pro Gamer Mode” feature, it delivers the maximum amount of power and provides exceptional performance. The battery standby time is also reduced because it uses more power than the other settings.

Price & Availability

The realme 10 retails for starting price of Php 12,999. The realme 10 Pro now retails for Php 16,999 with 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 256 gigabytes storage variant, while the realme 10 Pro+ 5G retails for the starting price of Php 19,999 with the 8+128 variant.

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