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How To Stop Apple Music Membership on iOS or Android.


Millions of people have signed up for audio streaming services like Apple to listen to high-quality sound. You can watch an extensive library with millions of tracks, playlists, and full-length records. If you’re not using Apple Music and want to terminate your subscription, you can do so as detailed below. You can remove your Apple Music subscription in several ways, including through your iOS device, computer, or online.

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If you aren’t going to use a service, you shouldn’t pay for a membership. However, Apple Music has the most extensive subscriber base in the United States, and subscribers can access the program on any computer, not just Apple products.

Here we detail the steps to cancel your Apple Music subscription on your iOS and Android devices.

How To Stop Apple Music Membership in iOS:

  1. Get into the iPhone’s or iPad’s settings.
  2. The next step is to select the Apple ID.
    cancel apple music subscripton on iphone 5
  3. Select the Subscriptions tab.
    cancel apple music subscripton on iphone 3
  4. In this collection, you’ll be able to view every currently-enabled Subscription.
  5. Click on Apple Music Subscription, then Cancel Subscription.
    cancel apple music subscripton on iphone 2
  6. After the confirmation screen appears, tap Confirm.

Note: Apple One customers wishing to terminate a specific service must go to the Services tab first.

You will be receiving an email verification with the withdrawal and providing the precise termination date. Check out the Apple One Subscription if you’re concerned about the cost of an Apple Subscription; it has several advantages over individual Apple services.

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How To Stop Apple Music Membership in Android:

Apple audio has a dedicated Android app that works flawlessly to play audio. No problems will arise from your decision to end your membership.

  1. Navigate to Apple Music App
  2. After that, select Account > Manage Subscription.
  3. Select the Cancel Subscription option from the pop-up selection, then press Confirm.

That’s it; those with Android devices can also deactivate via the web interface.

Here are a few options for canceling your membership. If you’re having trouble canceling your Apple Music subscription or have any other questions, you can contact Apple’s Tech support team for assistance.

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