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A Guide to Open An Excel File to Google Sheets


Have you received an Excel document from someone but don’t have Excel? Are you deciding to switch to Google Drive from Microsoft Office? We can help with that; you can import your Excel files into Google Sheets. It functions well even though it might not support all of the capabilities and effects of an Excel document.

How to Import an Excel Document Into Google Sheets

You must first upload the Excel file to your Google Drive to view it in Google Sheets. To begin, open Google Drive, click “New,” and then “File Upload.”

excel sheets 4

Alternatively, you can easily upload a file by dragging and dropping it from your computer into the online browser.

excel sheets 5

After you upload the File, drag it to “Open with” on the menu, then click “Google Sheets.”

Afterward, Google creates a Google Sheets file on your Drive account from your original document.

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And lastly, by choosing File> Download As and selecting “Microsoft Excel,” you may download and export your document back into a Microsoft Excel format, which you can then share or download.

excel sheets 6You can also do that if you prefer to download your document in PDF, ODS, CSV, or other formats.

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