Alden Richards Introduces vivo Y100: Event Highlights & Online Purchase Options

vivo y100
vivo Y100


What a fun Saturday it was indeed for vivo as they conducted a Meet and Greet with Filipino actor, model, and recording artist Alden Richards last May 4, 2024, at SM Megamall Building B, at vivo’s Concept Store. It was filled with eager vivo fans and Alden’s fans, all smiling widely as the brand ambassador entered the concept store.

vivo Y100 Review

Alden has been the brand ambassador of vivo for two years now, starting with the vivo V23 Series and last year’s vivo V27 Series. The brand ambassador thanked all the people who attended the event and showcased the newly launched vivo Y100 here in the Philippines.

As Alden talked about vivo’s innovations in smartphones, he also mentioned how vivo revolutionizes existing phones, launching better ones every time they release a new model, ensuring customers’ satisfaction and great experiences whenever they use vivo smartphones.

For this Meet and Greet event, vivo focused on the vivo Y100. Alden talked about how important charging is when it comes to smartphones. He also shared his experience while using the vivo Y100, saying that it was down to 30%. However, after charging it for just 15 minutes, the vivo Y100 was almost at 100%! The brand ambassador expressed how this smartphone can keep up with Filipinos’ busy lifestyles.

As noted in one of our earlier articles about the vivo Y100, Filipinos are fond of outdoor activities. Additionally, with many transitioning to work-from-home arrangements and freelancing gigs, smartphones have become essential tools for work, regardless of location.

The standout feature of the vivo Y100 is its 5000mAh battery combined with 80W Fast Charging and Super Charge Pump technology. Alden concurs that smartphones play a crucial role in work and communication.

In addition to its charging capabilities, Alden particularly admires the price tag of this new smartphone. He highlights that features typically found in higher-priced smartphones like vivo’s V series are available in the Y100 at half the cost. That’s quite a bargain, isn’t it? He also noted how vivo has adjusted the price to cater to Filipinos seeking great smartphones at a budget-friendly price.

Now, this event isn’t solely about the vivo Y100, as there’s also a quick segment dedicated to Alden’s fans! Alden shared motivation and advice with attendees about achieving success. He emphasized the importance of determination and discipline, noting that while they are distinct concepts, discipline serves as the driving force behind sustained effort. Alden also underscored the significance of respect and being a good person in the journey towards success.

He also shared the importance of having a reliable smartphone as a life companion. After all, how can you capture life’s moments if your phone’s battery is constantly draining? While power banks are an option, isn’t it more convenient to rely on your smartphone, knowing it won’t run out of battery throughout the day? Additionally, Alden praised the smooth interface and great camera of the Y100, making it ideal for individuals constantly on the move, just like himself.

The event then proceeded to the highly anticipated fan signing, where Alden graciously and joyfully autographed posters and merchandise for his fans. We at Manila Shaker were thrilled to receive our own signed poster!

Following the fan signing, Alden gathered for a group photo with all the attendees, with the new vivo V30 Pro, a recently launched smartphone from vivo here in the Philippines, capturing every smiling face in the concept store.

vivo Y100 Price

Now officially released, the vivo Y100 is accessible for purchase, offering the 8GB + 256GB variant at PHP13,999 or the 8GB + 128GB variant at PHP12,499. Simplifying your shopping experience, we’ve provided convenient online purchase options via the links below. 

Which feature of the vivo Y100 mentioned by Alden Richards do you find most appealing for your everyday life?