Pokemon Go available for Download, Philippines get APK installer

pokemon go official philippines launch download

Pokemon Go PH app with a virtual reality gameplay or more as augmented and real-time mapping game has been released for Android and iOS including iPhone and iPad versions.

The release only sees limited official availability and support with the Philippines not included in the official support. Fortunately, the global APK installer of the Pokemon Go is already available for download for free (in-app purchases).


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How to: Install the APK of Pokemon Go Philippine global installer

We tried installing the APK successfully while getting and downloading the game data from remote server takes several tries until it loaded in our Sony Xperia X Performance.

  1. Download Pokemon Go game APK here including Intel Atom (59.2 size, version 0.31 for Asus Zenfone 2 or 3 and Android)
  2. Install Pokemon APK for Android with open permissions
  3. Try to download the game data if it fails in first attempts
  4. Make sure you have a decent mobile internet speed or you’re connected to metro’s WiFi

Update: Servers Temporarily Block for Pokemon Go Philippines

pokemon go gameplay installer apk philippines cherry myphone starmobile sony lg xperia samsung galaxy
gameplay of pokemon go in xperia

Specs / Hardware Requirements to Play Pokemon Go after installing APK for PH

There are no direct hardware, CPU, RAM, memory, or other specs requirements as long as your smartphone is running on modest specs. I already saw few people with Cherry Mobile Flare Android smartphones running the game. Some failed to get the game successfully installed in their entry level Starmobile, Samsung Galaxy, and MyPhone. But the issues might be related on fetching the game data from the remote server, which is just easily solved by several tries.

So far the game is very smooth and fluid to play. We also like the battery efficiency optimization of the game.

Let’s know if you have already downloaded and installed the game or facing some issues.


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