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Pokemon Go available for Download, Philippines get APK installer

Pokemon Go Official Philippines Launch Download

Pokemon Go PH app with a virtual reality gameplay or more as augmented and real-time mapping game has been released for Android and iOS including iPhone and iPad versions.

The release only sees limited official availability and support with the Philippines not included in the official support. Fortunately, the global APK installer of the Pokemon Go is already available for download for free (in-app purchases).


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How to: Install the APK of Pokemon Go Philippine global installer

We tried installing the APK successfully while getting and downloading the game data from remote server takes several tries until it loaded in our Sony Xperia X Performance.

  1. Download Pokemon Go game APK here including Intel Atom (59.2 size, version 0.31 for Asus Zenfone 2 or 3 and Android)
  2. Install Pokemon APK for Android with open permissions
  3. Try to download the game data if it fails in first attempts
  4. Make sure you have a decent mobile internet speed or you’re connected to metro’s WiFi

Update: Servers Temporarily Block for Pokemon Go Philippines

Pokemon Go Gameplay Installer APK Philippines Cherry MyPhone Starmobile Sony LG Xperia Samsung Galaxy
Gameplay of Pokemon GO in Xperia

Specs / Hardware Requirements to Play Pokemon Go after installing APK for PH

There are no direct hardware, CPU, RAM, memory, or other specs requirements as long as your smartphone is running on modest specs. I already saw few people with Cherry Mobile Flare Android smartphones running the game. Some failed to get the game successfully installed in their entry level Starmobile, Samsung Galaxy, and MyPhone. But the issues might be related on fetching the game data from the remote server, which is just easily solved by several tries.

So far the game is very smooth and fluid to play. We also like the battery efficiency optimization of the game.

Let’s know if you have already downloaded and installed the game or facing some issues.



  1. I already downloaded the app but I’m not able to fully use it since it always says failed to get data from server.

  2. Same. I can’t install on Samsung note 2 but a family member had it successfully installed in Samsung prime.

  3. Why is it that it keeps telling that it has “Failed to get game data from the server”?

  4. My android phone is zenfone 2 ze551ml…. i download the apk succesful but im stuck in black screen after loading of NIANTIC loading screen. Pls help me, what should i do, i want to play this game. Thanks

    • You have to take your cap, go outside and look for a pokemon, unfortunately you can’t. because the app isn’t available in our country yet, so may use the app but you won’t encounter any Pokemon.

      • but how did he get a zubat tho?? I mean, I agree with you because I tried and haven’t seen any pokemon to catch other than the starter.

      • At first it was working, but later that day there was no pokemon around nor the shops and the gyms, that is when I saw the note that PkmnGo was blocked in my country.

      • no pokemon because it is not yet available in ph.. go to playstore
        and search for Pokemon Go. if it shows up it will say that the app isn’t
        available in your country. other wise the app won’t show up.

    • no pokemon because it is not yet available in ph.. go to playstore
      and search for Pokemon Go. if it shows up it will say that the app isn’t
      available in your country. other wise the app won’t show up..

      • nakakalaro ka sa pinas?? na DL ko naman e .. .mapa lang talaga lumalabas need ko talaga lumabas bahay siguro gagana ??

      • Di din gagana kasi blocked pa ang server ng pinas… Walang pokemon na makikita… Yung starter lang…

    • no pokemon because it is not yet available in ph.. go to playstore and search for Pokemon Go. if it shows up it will say that the app isn’t available in your country. other wise the app won’t show up.

  5. Are you experiencing the same problem? I can’t open my Pokemon go, it says that the server is experiencing a problem. What’s going on? Hehe.

  6. guys..i cant install the game on my android 4.4 lenovo. its says “installation failed”.. what should i do?

  7. I can’t play with my samsung galaxy j1, after ko iopen and nag sstock na siya dun sa may nakalagay na text “pokemon company” then nageexit na after a few seconds.

    • Yes, but it’s still buggy. Occasionally crashes, and no other Pokemon can be caught just yet aside from your starters (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle).

    • uu sa akin gumana makaka kuha ka ng first pokemon mo kaso hnd ka makaka huli oh makaka laban kc hnd pa available sa country natin..

    • Hi,

      already tried catching my first pokemon. at first it was hard but you have to make sure you hit the pokemon with the poke ball for you to catch it. Also, try turning on your GPS so that you can see your character walking as you walk.

  8. i downloaded the apk succesfully but after i run the app, it only stuck with the black screen. help? my phone is zenfone 2.

    • Me too… even we have a fast internet connection
      The screen only Loads in that image and then it exits automatically

      Samsung GALAXY J1 user Here

      Please Help… 🙂 Thanks

    • Hey everyone this should help. If you are looking to download the latest and working pokemon go apk or cheats just do this

      1. Go to google and search for this “inurl:hacktoid pokemon go”
      2. Click on the first result and enjoy !

  9. guys nadownload na lahat lahat pero sabi server experiencing issues… huhuhu… hnd ko sia malaro… is there a way to fix this? huhuhu… gusto ko tlga laruin ito…

  10. I was able to install it on my phone (LGG3 beat) without any issue pero when I log in to the game hindi makalakad. oh well. hintay hintay nalang for PH release 😀

  11. No poke stop or pokemon in our area. Pn roa, Cagayan de oro. When i use insense, i says falied to detect location. Allow mock location is off already. Perhaps u have any suggestions?

  12. bakit po pag naiseset ko na ung style ko nag koclose po ung app??
    Samsung galaxy tab 4 po ung gamit ko

  13. Pokemon Go Requirements- This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.
    – Compatible with Android devices that have 2GB RAM or more and have Android Version 4.4 – 6.0 installed.
    – Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks
    – Not compatible with Android devices that use Intel Atom processors.
    – Compatibility with tablet devices is not guaranteed.
    – Application may not run on certain devices even if they have compatible OS versions installed.
    – It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information.
    – Compatibility information may be changed at any time.
    – Please visit http://www.PokemonGO.com for additional compatibility information.
    – Information current as of July 5, 2016

  14. May pokemon ba dito sa quezon? I manage to catch my first pokemon. But how about the others? I mean wala makita sa map eh. Help po. Sana may tumulong tnx po.

  15. I downloaded the .apk file but when i opened it says “Parse Error An error occurred while parsing the package” Help Anyone?

  16. Guys I was able to download the latest version of pokemon go however always having error that failed to locate my location?
    Need help!!

  17. Game loads but gyms,pokemons,landmarks and other nearby options is not showing. Gps okay. Google account registration ok i think. Game shop showing. Atm, no used to play it. Ive tried vpn to change ip. Same. Pls update us if the game running normal. Thanks.?. My cp is zenfone2.

  18. (It is not safe to download on this site, if you want the latest pokemon go game you must go to Google Playstore or Google search it “Pokemon Go Latest”, it is required to download the latest version in order to make it work on your phone and to secure your fone from visuses and keylogger malwares like on this site.) Im on USA and got all of these using Pokemon Go VPN got from google search

  19. bro, the new update v0.33 has issues on my zenfone selfie: no pokemon stops/gyms or (limited). any tips or fix?

  20. How can I play the game on android tablet? Is it compatible to Samsung Galaxy J1? How can I open the app if it doesn’t cease on crashing?

  21. sa sony xperia, hanggang logo lang ng niantic the pkm company lang, then close agad. may solusyon pa ba ito o ibigay ko na lang sa team rocket manila cp ko? hu hu hu

  22. I’m using Cherry mobile Flare S4 Lite po. Nag dl po ako ng pokemon go then after that hnd na ako makapag log in lagi na lng “GPS signal not found” kahit na nka open na ung location ko. pano po ayusin ?

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