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How and Where to Catch Rare Pokemons in the Pokemon GO Philippines

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Pokemon Go is officially available to download in the Philippines thru APK installer while some countries are already officially supported thru Android Play Store and iOS for iPhone and iPad.

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The first day is not yet over but somehow Filipinos or netizens here managed to collect a list of secret Pokemon Go Rare locations that is useful in finding the rarest Pokemon in the Philippines.

The list is not verified but this some areas may really hide these strong, rare like Mewtwo and high-level Pokemon.

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OFFICIAL: Pokemon Go International Release with Philippine support in July

Rare Pokemon Catch Capture mew mewtwo Pokemon Go Philippines List

List of Rare Pokemon Secret Locations and Map in the Philippines, No Mewtwo however

Zapdos – Meralco main office
Moltres – Mayon Volcano
Articuno – Baguio
Ekans – Talahib
Arbok – Talahib
Machop – Fitness First
Machoke – Fitness First
Machamp – Gold’s Gym
Goldeen – Manila Ocean Park
Seaking – Manila Ocean Park
Staryu – Puerto Galera
Starmie – Boracay
Krabby – EDSA Shangrila
Kingler – Makati Shangrila
Pikachu – Megamall
Voltorb – MOA
Electrode – MOA
Drowzee – Manila Zoo
Hypno – Quiapo Church
Mr. Mime – Peryahan
Meowth – Cartimar
Persian – Cartimar
Tauros – FEU Morayta
Bulbasaur – Farmers Market Cubao
Oddish – Farmers Market Cubao
Bellsprout – Farmers Market Cubao
Tangela – Balintawak Market
Lapras – Subic
Porygon – Cyberzone SM
Snorlax – Mang Inasal
Jynx – Enchanted Kingdom
Pidgey – Novaliches area
Pidgeotto – Novaliches area
Spearow – Manila area
Farfetch’D – Las Piñas area
Gastly – Manila North Cemetery
Haunter – Manila North Cemetery
Gengar – Libingan ng mga Bayani
Omanyte – Manila Museum
Kabuto – Manila Museum
Nidorino – Any all boys school
Nidorina – Any all girls school
Tentacool – West Philippine Sea
Tentacruel – West Philippine Sea
Magikarp – Pasig River
Zubat – Puerto Princesa Palawan

Let’s help each other here by commenting down below for the locations of the rare pokemon you captured and collected in Manila and entire Philippines.

We’re not sure if these are really legit. But it’s still great to stroll around these “secret” areas if you’re living near. Hopefully, someone would catch or capture Mew and MewTwo will be here in the Philippines too.

Update: Servers Temporarily Block for Pokemon Go Philippines


  1. caught 10 from the list (in 1 location only – SM Lanang Premiere, Davao City)… was a lucky day to catch Pokemons for me and my kid…we caught 30+ each while malling ☺

    • Wala pang ang mga BIRD TITANS, ewan ko nga ba bakit may nilalagay na sila dito. Mapapagod ka lang. Walang Zapdos dun.

  2. Bakit po wala akong makitang pokemon except dun sa tatlong pagpipilian?? ano po ginawa niyo?? Nagpunta punta na ako sa ibat ibang lugar pero wala pa din :'(

  3. Kyogre – Callao Cave Cagayan Valley
    Rayquaza – Annafunan East Tuguegarao City
    Groudon -Tuguegarao City ( Since sobrang init dito )

  4. People should stop doing this
    Seriously what is the point of becoming a pokemon trainer if youre going to depend on the rest. It defeats the purpose of adventure and hardwork. Might as well create a walkthrough full of cheat codes. Seriously. Practice professional gaming. Let’s all enjoy this game and not look for short cuts.

      • ibat ibang paraan ang pageenjoy sa laro kuya
        🙂 yun enjoy sa iba pwede ding hindi enjoy sa pakiramdam mo 🙂

      • You’re being one. If you want to practice “professional gaming” and you find this enjoyable, then good for you. Other people find “depending on others” enjoyable, and none of us have the right to tell them what they should find enjoyable or not.

        Like dro said, “iba’t ibang paraan ang pag-eenjoy sa laro, kuya” Kung hindi mo to alam, ass ka.

      • it’s funny how you go yourselft in this site and saying that we all need to do the game “professionally.” Are you fuck’n kidding me? E kaya k nga nakarating s site na to kasi nagsearch k din ng cheats. tsk tsk.

    • are you fucking stupid? what you posted was an ass! are you even a gamer kid? and you talk about Pro Gaming with your shitty post here? why would people stop doing this can’t you even see the same shitty pokemon spawns on the same shitty area? and rares are doing the same? the game is being controlled by an AI program(AI in a sense that it is still not that perfect.. shitty to be honest). you cant even notice that and yet you boast on the word ” Pratice Professional Gaming”? you are an insult on all gamers kid.. Go Practice GAMING! stupid cunt sucking polygon!

    • So why are you here in the first place?
      and in the second place?
      and also in the third place???
      and lastly the Consolation Prize!!!! Wooohooo. Congratulations

    • My niece and I both caught Golbat (evolved form of Zubat) last night at Greenbelt 3 Cinema ticket counter. Was very tough to catch though. Took a lot of tries to catch. And I caught Gastly near WackWack Golf Course. Was around midnight though. I think that’s because it’s a Ghost Pokemon.

  5. meron ba makikita dito sa bulacan area, from baliuag nakarating na ko ng guiguinto wala manlang ako nakita kahit isa

  6. May pikachu at cyndaquil sa luneta park dun mismo sa statue na binaril si rizal daming nagkalat pati sa monumento nya

  7. really….Manila lang?

    wow bias…….that city is trash, why we should go there, there should be better pokemon outside that shitty city……….

    why bother going there….

    • you yourself is trash, dont live in the philippines if you wont love its flaws and imperfections. dont act like youre perfect well in fact you show, illegal settler personality 🙂

  8. Would the 3G data suffice for the locator? Ilang araw na ako nagpalakad lakad from Aguinaldo to Pasig. Ni-Ratata wala akong makita. huhubels

    • dapat naka 4G o LTE o WIFI ang signal mo sa 3G zero catch ka dyan, my iphone 5C only detects 3G pero kung nakaconnect sa Pocket Wifi ko ang bilis nang update sa map pero dahil nasa pinas tayo 1-3 pokemons lang ang makikita mo sa daanan, hindi ko pa natry sa mga mall he he he

    • ako 3G lang pero marami na akong nahuli. Baka pareho nangyari sa mga ibang trainers dito. Pagluma na ang smart phone, minsan napupuno na ang memory, at humihina na ang cpu, akala mo wala na siyang mga sightings na pokemon. Restart mo lang ulit yung smart phone at gagana ulit mga sightings.

  9. Yung tutooo..
    Wala naman pokemon d2 sa subic! Kainis naman!
    This place is empty…no pokemon in sight…

  10. Here’s a HOT tip where you can find rare Poke items in Mindanao:

    And the best place in Davao area to get them (unless you want to pay for them , of course) is to venture out in Digos City to locate one the “secret” PokeStops and Pokemon Gym. Use OpenStreetmap in venturing this area and wander around the place called “Playpen” or “Digital Playpen”. My friends an I found the PokeStops by the blue squares that filled our Pokémon Go maps (Look for “Digital Playpen”). When you’ll there and get close enough, you just spin the icon and various items will appear. Goto “xbox 11” for your unlimited hyper potions (be sure you’re on Level 15 to avail all these). During our initial inspection, this PokeStops can also be used as a hub for Pokémon catching. If you or a trainer wants to assign a Lure Modules to a PokeStop (Playpen), then for that finite amount of time, anyone who is near the area will be swarmed with Pokémon.

    If you happen to be in this place, or just be in an area near one of the PokeStops, you’ll notice that the color changes from blue to purple once interacted with. If you hang around the “Playpen” area for a bit, you’ll find it goes back to its blue color after 5 or so minutes (times can vary), allowing you to easily stock up on Poke Balls, and gain 50 xp a pop, which is useful if you find yourself stuck someplace where Pokemon are not appearing.

    Btw, I just “lured” Articuno, Moltres, Mewtwo and Persian yesterday!

    Good Luck poke Hunting!!!


  11. Ludicolo-Zamboanga City
    Hitmonchan- Gen San City
    Team Rocket Hideouts and Warehouses-Basilan,
    Jolo, Tawi-Tawi.
    Giovanni’s Gym-New Bilibid Prison
    Ekans- isa sa mga kaibigan mo
    Arbok- isa sa mga kaibigan mo

  12. Wala pang BIRD TITANS. Bakit may mga nakalagay na dito? Hindi pa sila nagrelease ng locations internationally. Yung apat na Regional Pokemons lang.

    Tanggalin niyo muna ang BIRD TITANS diyan, misleading…

  13. Nakakainis naman!!! Nasa Mega
    mall na nga ako eh tapos nawalan pa ako ng internet!Ok ayun na nga ung chance kong makakuha ng PIKACHU!!!

  14. Tentacruel on qc circle (sa may bukuhan or kainan sa east side ng main statue)…putcha, halos ubusin ang pokeball ko. Haha ?

  15. Pokemon appears at random, caught squirtle, magikarp, pidgeotto, charmander, ekans, and sandshrew inside my house, just waited the game to inform me of new pokemon sightings and I didn’t use my 2 free incense yet.

  16. Dapat lahat ng fire pokemon available sa Tuguegarao kasi halos lahat ng tao dito on fire ?? #HottestCityInThePhilippines

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