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Globe Tattoo Home Plan 1599 – Unlimited Data, Better than PLDT

Globe Tattoo Home Broadband Plan 1599 Review vs PLDT DSL Philippines 1

Last year I applied for Globe Philippines’s Tattoo Home Broadband DSL Plan 1599 with a 5Mbps download speed and around 1Mbps upload speed. It’s not a symmetric as expected but it’s probably one of the best broadband plans out there. Read our Globe Tattoo Home Broadband Plan 1599 (wired or DSL) review to find out why.

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No data cap, unlimited internet broadband plan

For a P1599 a month, the plan comes with a free landline and unlimited calls to Globe/TM. However, the wireless router + model wasn’t free and it cost Php 1k pesos on top of the billing (so there’s an added P333-ish for first 3 mos). So we know that this plan has no frills at all.

The data allowance for my plan is 60GB a month (50GB for 4G LTE broadband wireless plan), which is already enough for browsing and streaming videos for a family of 4-5 members. Of course, this is without heavy movie downloads from torrent websites. Although, an up to 5 HD/720p movie downloads are okay as long as you monitor the data consumption.

Globe Tattoo Home Plan 1599

  • 5Mbps download speed
  • Free calls within Metro Manila (Globe/TM)
  • With wireless modem/router and telephone
  • Php 1599 a month fee
  • 60GB consumable data for promised speed of 5Mbps
  • Unlimited data with 1.4Mbps speed after reaching data cap

Despite the fair user policy or FUP, Globe will only throttle the speed once the limit is reached. I received about 1.4 Mbps download and 0.27 Mpbs upload after reaching the 60GB. Still not bad for paying P1599 a month.

What this also means is that your plan has unlimited data from streaming to download and upload.

You can add some boosters for as low as 1GB/50php and 5GB/200php to keep your original speed. But you need to have a positive credit limit on your Globe account.

Reliable connection and less downtime

At our home in Bacolod, Negros Occidental we’re on PLDT Home DSL Plan at P1299 a month and we’ve been using it for a year. The speed is 2Mbps and it’s unlimited too. But what I didn’t like about PLDT is that disconnection and slowdown are more frequent.

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With Globe Plan 1599 here in Metro Manila, I only experienced one downtime since last year. That’s around 99% uptime if we are to put ideal efficiency rate. Promised speed is always at 4.8Mbps – 5Mbps download, which is great if you’re relying in your internet for working at home.

Customer service of Globe is now better than PLDT

What I also noticed after subscribing to Globe is their improved customer service compared to previous years (WiMax era). In fact, they’re now much better than PLDT in providing customer service. Although, PLDT last time addressed my application faster than Globe.

Port availability issue

It’s true that PLDT has more customers than Globe in select areas, but this is bad if you wanted to apply for PLDT. The number one reason is the availability of port. I canceled my PLDT application because our area where I’m renting my apartment doesn’t have a free port for a new line.

Usually, you’ll have to wait for other customers to end their subscription and that’s the time PLDT could install your DSL line. And we don’t know if how many weeks or months it will happen. PLDT could install new facilities, but you will need to wait for more customers to apply in your area. Again there’s no guarantee on that.

The issue is similar to Globe when I applied, but they really insisted and found a way to install a line despite the nearest telephone box is full. They reroute my planned line before installing it. And that’s why I’m really glad. PLDT, on the other hand, didn’t even care at giving me options such as a wireless ULTERA plan.

PLDT DSL vs Globe Tattoo Home Wired/Wireless Plans

PLDT still offers some better plans than Globe like the unlimited data (without speed throttling or slowdown) than the data consumable of Globe. But after discovering about Globe’s unlimited data even if it is a data-capped plan and better customer service, I think I will be choosing Tattoo Home for now.

You can check the Plan comparison SkyCable vs Globe vs PLDT here.

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  1. Hello! How do you check your data usage? Do you use an separate application or can you check from the globe/router page?

    • You can check on the My Account page on Globe’s website according to Globe. But I do not check it anymore, I just receive SMS update every time I reach 50%, 70% and so on on my data usage.

  2. Hi,
    We’re living in QC, along Congressional avenue.,what is better ISP for me to get in here.and can you give me any suggestion what is better policy plan for me to buy…
    Just lower than 2k monthly on the budget.

    Thank you,

  3. Hi, is this wired or wireless plan 1599? What is the difference between Tattoo DSL and Broadband DSL? Why one has 60GB and the other 150GB cap? Why one is 5 Mbps and the other 15 Mbps?
    I live just outside Baguio and am getting below 1Mbps speed on Supersurf plan with Globe Pocket WiFi, and less than 30 kbps normal speed. Will my speed with Plan 1599 Tattoo be higher than with my Pocket WiFi?

    • The new Plan 1599 has a speed of 15Mbps for Globe Broadband (ex-name is Tattoo). But check if the new plan is already available in your location, as the old one is 5Mbps, but you can get a free speed bump once your area gets the Broadband upgrade.

  4. Hi, Do you still get the 1.4mbps speed when you reached your data cap? Because after 2months ours just runs in 0.24mbps when we reached our data cap. Even simple browsing is unbearable. We pay for the 5mbps and this is all that we got. ?

  5. After searching for the throttling issue of globe in google and the community(globe) on how the speed will fall after your data cap reached. In wired 30% of internet speed will remained in your current plan while the wireless will fall around 250~350KBps or .3mbps. Wireless plan user here.

  6. Disappointing. We availed the 10mbps 1299plan hoping it will serve better than our old Globe Tattoo. After 10 days of installation, the signal slows down like we can’t even watch youtube. We called service hotline and they said we already consumed the 50gb limit. How come? It’s only 10 days after installation and it’s me and my wife who are using the internet. Tsk. I regret giving away my Globe Tattoo Broadband to my sister in which it’s been 2 months of unpaid bill but it has still a very strong connection and about 8 users are connected. Again, disappointng.

    • Ofcourse! The higher your internet bandwidth the faster you spend your allowance! If you do Youtube, Youtube will automatically pick 1080p as a resolution for you to watch because you have a high internet bandwidth .
      and 1080p have a great size . Just try downloading it . Then the size will prompt in your screen . That’s the size you’re gonna consume if you’ve watched the whole video . Let’s say you stream? 1 Movie 1080p in Youtube? They’ve much bigger file size so If you know about that you shouldn’t watch a movie from youtube or watch high quality videos in any website . Just watch what you want and what is important for you . Don’t let the video buffer if you don’t really wanna watch because it will consume a huge amount of your cap.
      everything has megabytes every site you load has megabytes even if its just fb watching vid there everything from google you search facebook it will load and will consume megabytes be wise in spending it since you only have 50 GB limit.
      It offers high speed and cheaper than others you just have to know consequence of subscribing to whatever broadband you’re subscribed with .
      Don’t be disappointed you are the disappointment you subscribed to that broadband without “KNOWING” the PRO’SEQUENCE AND CONSEQUENCES of it .

      Globe is not anything to me but I just want you to know this is what you signed up for .

  7. not bad for 1599? for godsake when you are paying that much for internet data caps shouldn’t be discussed. and 60gb a month is way to low with 15mbps youtube auto adjusts its quality to HQ and you will be using up to 1 gig of data every hour so 5 hours of youtube a day can mean 35gig a week. WTF GLOBE, other countries are not data hitlers why are you?

  8. Niloloko tayo nitong GLOBE! STFU! Simula ng hinawakan nyo ang BayanTel wala ng UNLIMITED DSL. 100GB ilan oras lang ito sa YouTube from 10mbps tapos magiging 3mbps daw pag na reach ung data cap. Ayusin nyo muna un consistency ng DSL daw pero “broadband” we all know “broadband” is not reliable until today in the Philippines. Naka Plan 1499 kami sa BayanTel UNLIMITED tapos gusto nila palitan ng Globe 10mbps boost daw pero 100GB data capping. Globe is BSing customers. Bakit nyo binenta BayanTel sa gahamang telco. I’m thinking of switching to PLDT mudaf*ckers! We we’re BayanTel loyalist for 20+ years until you bought them. I called to Bayan cust and got redirected now to Globe they want to upgrade us into Globe broadband and I asked because we’d like to retain our same number for 20+ years and they say we can’t retain our numbers, FU Globe!!! (This is suicide, I’d rather change to PLDT).

  9. Customer service of Globe is now better than PLDT…. Are you freaking dreaming????

    Both have a f..ckd up customer service, but Globe is beyond hopeless!!!! They are not even able to enable call forwarding on a phone line… Yes it took them 4 months! 3 months of us giving threats that we would disconnect all together and after we actually started the disconnection procedure they still took 1 month to figure out how to enable call forwarding. The disconnection they are still unable to figure out how that is done…

    Freaking wankers….

  10. “Unlimited Bandwidth” is no longer offered. As of March 2017, the Globe customer representative I talked to said that they have replaced the 30% throttled speed with an automatic 256 kbps speed once you have reached your quota. So If your plan is 1599/15 mbps then your speed will be reduced to 256 kbps as opposed to the original 4.5 mbps throttled speed.

  11. The offer is good, need niyo lang tandaan na if naubus mo agad ung data na yan, it means you area wasting too much time browsing, youtubing and downloading torrents. Unless of course sa work or freelance mo ginagamit. Come on 100GB data is huge if you know what you are doing. Alot mo lang ung data mo, do something else not just sticking your face sa Facebook and Social media and Youtube videos ng mga youtubers about sa life nila while playing games and doing pranks. Go out enjoy your time with friends and family. Kung manonood ka ng Movies tapos naka automatic ung resolution, eh di malamang ung highest possible resolution kukunin. Sa mga Freelancers, this is really helpful dun sa mga crunch time ng projects submission and uploading and downloading through FTP. Pero mag FIbr na lang kung available.

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