Globe Warns Public Against Fake Globe Rewards Scam

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Heads up, Globe Telecom users! There’s a fake Globe rewards scam going around, and experts are warning everyone to watch out!

Scammers truly never cease their efforts. Despite SIM registration and telcos blocking links from SMS, scams and frauds persist. Lately, I have been receiving spam messages via messaging apps like Viber and WhatsApp. Links from SMS continue to infiltrate my messages, so this one may not come as a surprise.

Fake Globe Rewards Scam

Here’s what’s going on, the fake Globe rewards scam are basically scammers pretending to be Globe agents, contacting people and promising special rewards. But it’s all a trick to steal personal and banking info.

According to Alexander Ramos, the head of the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC), these scammers are using a website called to do their dirty work. They’re sending text messages, tempting folks to click on the link and give away their sensitive info for supposed rewards.

As of now, checking the fake website only shows a blank white webpage with a text saying “Not Found” at the upper left corner or something that says “the server stopped responding”

fake globe rewards scam

But here’s the scary part, once you click on the link, you’re asked to give up personal details and even your bank account number. Fortunately, CICC is on the case. They’re telling everyone to avoid this dodgy website and not to click on any weird links.

In the event of falling prey to phishing, assistance is readily available. Victims are urged to promptly dial 1326, the dedicated hotline of the Inter-Agency Response Center and in case you are wondering, this is Globe’s official website. This responsive resource stands prepared to offer support and guidance to individuals ensnared by fraudulent schemes.