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Tips and Tricks to get FREE P150 off in Lazada


Every month, Lazada offers a grand sale to its users. Most of the stores will offer freebies and discounts, and if want to add another discount or even pay P0.00 on your next purchase, here’s what to do.

Make sure you don’t have an existing account on Lazada; if you have one, follow the steps below.

For New Users

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Install Lazada App then Register. Make sure to redeem a referral code from your friend or family. Here’s my referral code if you don’t want to waste time, 6IAURPNT.

  • Register using a new email or number that is not associated with Lazada
  • Go to Account > Scroll Down > My Service > Redeem Code
  • Input any referral code

You will get one P100 voucher with P0 minimum spend, and one P50 voucher with P150 minimum spend. After claiming these vouchers, use them on your next purchase, and it will automatically deduct on the total payment.

For Existing Users

There are two ways to get the P150 discount. First, if you already have a Lazada app and an account with no referral and no first purchase, you can input a referral code and get the P100 voucher and one P50 voucher with a P150 minimum spend. The P100 voucher will expire fast, so you need to use it immediately.

The second is to:

  • Clear data and uninstall your Lazada app with an existing account.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Register using a new email or number that is not associated with Lazada.
  • Go to Account > Scroll Down > My Service > Redeem Code.
  • Input any referral code you have, or you can use mine, “6IAURPNT”.

The next thing to do is to claim the P100 voucher and P50 voucher, and you can now purchase an item with P100 off.

Discount Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks on buying with up to zero pesos on your next purchase.

Zero Payment

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The best trick is to buy a product worth P100 above if you have the P100 free voucher from a referral. Some stores offer free shipping with no minimum spend, and if you manage to find a store with, for example, a travel adaptor worth P104, you will only pay P4.00 with free shipping included.

Free Shipping P199

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Some stores offer free shipping at P199 above. If, for example, you pick an item worth P204, collect the free shipping voucher. Before placing the order, your P100 free voucher and the free shipping voucher will be automatically deducted from your total payment.

Use All Resources

This trick is to use all your resources, like the free voucher from the store or the coins you farmed.

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  • Make sure the store is offering a follow voucher, follow them and collect the voucher.
  • Next is to buy with your coins.
  • Use the Free Voucher from referral.
  • Use the Free Shipping Voucher.
  • Big Discount or cash back from a store during mega sales.

All of these can add up to reduce the total costs of your purchase. Shop Now.

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