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Sudio Nio TWS Review – Reliable, Simple and Budget-friendly


Sudio is a Swedish brand that develops premium and high-end audio devices and back in 2018 they released their first wireless earbuds which is the Sudio NIVÅ, and now they kickstarted 2021 with new wireless earbuds on their lineup which is the Sudio Nio.


  • Android and IOS compatible
  • 20 hours of playtime
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Built-in microphone
  • 10 m pairing range
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Ipx4 water resistant
  • SBC codec
  • 3 years warranty with Sudio Sphere


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Sudio Nio is their latest and cheapest true wireless earbuds on their line-up. It comes with 4 color variants which are white, black, green, and sand. It has unique ear tips that they call wingtips.


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Upon opening the box you will be greeted by a pretty decent presentation. On the top side, we have the device, and below it is a box that is labeled accessories, and inside the accessories box is a type c cable for charging, a fiber cloth used for cleaning the device, and a box for the extra wingtips.


The shape of the case resembles the most common case design which is the Apple Airpods. The sudio logo is placed on the front of the case, followed by the LED battery indicator underneath it, a USB Type C port on the right-hand side, and a hard press button at the bottom of the case which I didn’t notice unless I tilt the case.

The build quality of the case is plastic and it feels solid. The lid snaps when I close it and that feels perfect for me, although if I put on different size of wingtips on each of the buds and close it, I noticed that there is a bit of wobble or the lid won’t fully close. Still, the lid is magnetic so it won’t open, and accidentally drop the earbuds. When I put the earbuds on the case without the wing tip I have a hard time pulling it out of the case since the build of it is slippery and curve, but with the help of the wingtips, I can grab hold unto it and pull it with ease.

The Earbuds just like the case also resembles the Apple Airpods but with a shorter stem. Each color variant has a different accent, what we have here is the sand variant and it has a gold accent. The build is smooth and glossy, it has a magnetic pole and an LED indicator. The Sudio Nio’s touch functions cannot be customized on the Bluetooth settings, but it has more controls than usual. Unlike other earbuds that can only pause and play and skip to the next song, Nio’s function can also adjust volume, answer, decline, and end call.

Nio comes with 4 different types of wingtips included in the box, and each wing tip is designed for different ear sizes. I tested all 4 wingtips to find out which fits the best for me but it turns out even without the wingtips the earbuds sit perfectly to my ears. I decided not to use any of the wingtips because I don’t feel comfortable and it feels like the earbuds are just hanging and not secured to my ear.

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The sound quality is pretty good, trebles and highs were clear. The 10 mm dynamic driver in the Sudio Nio offers a strong bass response and an expansive sound. The wingtips can contribute to the performance as well. The on-call performance is great the only issue I have is that sometimes your voice stutters, but the adaptive mic does filter the background noises.


The Sudio Nio offers different types of features, starting with an Adaptive dual microphone that filters unwanted background noises which is not perfect but it does a pretty good job for the price. IPX4 waterproof rating that fits the use of the device. It is perfect for watching movies that latency is almost nonexistent thanks to its low latency feature.

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As for the battery, Sudio Nio can get up to 5.5 hours of continuous listening but still depends on how you use it, and can extend up to 20 hours together with the charging case. It takes up to one hour or so to get to full charge, Which is not bad for the price. The LED indicator lights up white with 25% and above battery life and orange otherwise.


Overall Sudio Nio is simple, reliable, fits well, and has great battery life. It also works best for bassy tunes and movies for the price of Php 3,800. If you are an athlete looking for earbuds that you can use I will recommend you to the Sudio Nio since it has sweat-resistant, and wingtips that will secure the earbuds into your ears.

  • excellent battery life
  • fast pairing
  • Silicon wingtips comfortable fit


  • Short pairing range
  • Muddy bass

if you ever decided to buy one of the sudio products go to this link http://www.sudio.com/ph and use the code manilashaker15 to get a 15% discount.

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