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PHILTOWER is now providing 200 cell sites in the Philippines


Earlier this week, Phil-Tower Consurtium, Inc., one of the Philippines’ largest digital shared infrastructure companies, announced it has just installed its 200th cell tower.

It is a remarkable accomplishment that the last 100 sites in the Philippines were up and running in just over a month, making it one of the fastest mobile broadband roll-outs in the industry. It is also rather interesting to note that many of these are co-location sites with equipment for many different mobile operators.

Common Tower Policy allows cell towers with passive infrastructures to house equipment from any telco, which helps minimize Telco’s’ Capital Expenditure (CAPEX). In turn, the Filipino people will have improved access to the internet and a better quality of service. Also, shared towers could reduce the amount of unsightly clutter created by cell towers.

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With utmost pride and excitement, PhilTower announced that it had crossed the milestone of 200 mobile sites and is looking forward to adding several hundred more in the coming months.

In addition, Peter Wong, Country Director of the Philippines, added that they look forward to hosting mobile operators, such as Globe, Smart, and DITO. In addition, they look forward to hosting; they look forward to hosting other companies that are interested in improving their networks in a more economical and timely manner.

North and South Luzon are home to several PhilTowers properties. They also have many ground-based towers measuring 30 to 50 meters in length, rooftop systems, street furniture microcell poles and Smart Poles.

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