A Guide on How to Unsubscribe from your PLDT Account

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PLDT Account

The following guide will help you if you wish to cancel your PLDT subscription for some reason. It is critical to remember that you will need to be patient, as it will take some time to terminate a subscription in the proper way.

Generally, the locking-in period for fixed internet connection providers such as PLDT is two years (24 months). It means that there is no pre-termination fee for you to pay if you decide to terminate your contract after two years. Aside from this, there are other plans, such as the Home Fibr Plan. The lock-in period of this plan is three years (36 months).

Here is a step-by-step guide

The PLDT Hotline can be reached by calling the following number:

In order to terminate your account, you have to contact their customer service department; during this contact, they will inform you of your account’s status, which includes any outstanding bills and balances. Therefore, please ensure that all your monthly payments have been paid.

The 171 or *171 hotlines can be reached free of charge by calling any PLDT landline (02 8888171 toll-free number), Smart, TNT, or SUN cell phone network. Press Option 5, and then you will be guided to the appropriate hotline. Enterprise accounts are able to reach support by dialling *177 or 177.

If you wish to contact them using their social media channels/accounts, you can try the following ones:

Visit PLDT branches nearby

There’s no doubt this is the best option if you want to cancel your subscription ASAP because most requests on the site are taken care of immediately. Make sure all requirements are ready before you decide to proceed with this option if you do wish to do so.

Requirements needed are:

  • Valid Identification Card
  • Letter of Termination
  • Bring both the (1) Modem and (2) Telephone,
  • An authorization letter is required if you want to send a representative on your behalf
  • Extra cash to settle any pending payments is optional but highly recommended.

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 For the letter of Termination:

  • Account Name
  • Account Number
  • Landline Number
  • Full Address
  • The reason for terminating the service (e.g. relocation; no longer needing the service; poor connection in your area, etc.)

Make sure your letter is specific and accurate, as this will help keep things on track between you and PLDT. A Service Request Form for Disconnection will then need to be filled out and signed by you. Following that, you will be given a Service Reference Number.

Waiting process upon termination request

If you are using PLDT’s landline number, it will only take a few days (2 to 3 weeks, depending on how unresponsive they can be at times) for one of their customer service representatives to contact you again.

In order to complete the process, the customer service representative will ask for your confirmation. Once the confirmation is received, the process will take about 2-3 business days to complete.

It is important that you understand exactly what you need to do to process the termination of your subscription plan with PLDT. It takes a lot of patience, but sometimes they do process your request attentively, but it does take a lot of patience to bear with the slow process.


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Is it possible for me to terminate, cancel, or close my PLDT account during the lock-in period?

It will be necessary for you to pay the pre-termination fee if you are still under contract.

As a rule of thumb, the computation is usually three times what you pay each month and any other charges you may encounter (device, penalties, etc.). For example, if you pay P1,699 per month, then the pre-termination fee is P1,699 multiplied by three, which is P5,097 total.

It will not be wise to cancel your subscription if you haven’t reached the end of your contract yet unless you’re moving out of the area or don’t intend to use the service anymore.

Is it possible for me to cancel and not pay my bills anymore?

The following are some reasons why it is not recommended to do this:

It is likely that you will be blacklisted. The consequence of this would be that you would not be able to use their service in the future. This is because you have already been flagged as having a negative record in their database.

If you do not settle the bills as quickly as possible, you may have to receive annoying calls from collection agencies for a long period of time.

If nothing seems to be happening with my cancellation, what should I do?

If they haven’t responded to you or your next bill that they said should not include your internet subscription anymore is still included in the bill, file a report immediately.