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Google Pixels Begin Receiving September 2023 Update

Pixel Software Update

The September 2023 update for Pixel phones and tablets is finally here, though it came a little late.

  • Pixel 4a
  • Pixel 5
  • Pixel 5a
  • Pixel 6 Series
  • Pixel 7 Series
  • Pixel Tablet
  • Pixel Fold

In the US, the update is also going to Pixel phones that are locked to a specific provider. This time, Google didn’t add any new features to the Pixels, but the Android September 2023 security patch and the Pixel Security update did fix a lot of security issues.

A lot of changes and fixes have been made to the Android OS to fix problems that are very bad. The most recent update fixes another important problem with ARM architecture, this time with the ID CVE-2023-4211.

Users all over the world are now getting it. The Pixel Tablet is getting software TQ3A.230901.001.B1, and the Pixel Fold is getting firmware TQ3C.230901.001.A1.

Here are the details for some other devices:


Pixel 4a (5G): TQ3A.230901.001
Pixel 5: TQ3A.230901.001
Pixel 5a (5G): TQ3A.230901.001
Pixel 6: TQ3A.230901.001
Pixel 6 Pro: TQ3A.230901.001
Pixel 6a: TQ3A.230901.001
Pixel 7: TQ3A.230901.001
Pixel 7 Pro: TQ3A.230901.001
Pixel 7a: TQ3A.230901.001
Pixel Tablet: TQ3A.230901.001.B1
Pixel Fold: TQ3C.230901.001.A1


Pixel Fold: TQ3C.230901.001.A2

T-Mobile & MVNOs, Google Fi (US)

Pixel 6: TQ3A.230901.001.C1
Pixel 6 Pro: TQ3A.230901.001.C1
Pixel 6a: TQ3A.230901.001.C1

Verizon & MVNOs (US)

Pixel 4a (5G): TQ3A.230901.001.C2
Pixel 5: TQ3A.230901.001.C2
Pixel 5a (5G): TQ3A.230901.001.C2
Pixel 6: TQ3A.230901.001.C2
Pixel 6 Pro: TQ3A.230901.001.C2
Pixel 6a: TQ3A.230901.001.C2
Pixel 7: TQ3A.230901.001.C2
Pixel 7 Pro: TQ3A.230901.001.C2
Pixel 7a: TQ3A.230901.001.C3
Pixel Fold: TQ3C.230901.001.B1


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