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Google Has Named Android N

Android N Namey McNameface Preview Beta PH

Google has just released the latest version of the Android N Developer Preview, meaning we are just 2 more releases to the next iteration of the well loved OS.

This update covers bug fixes, and an opening of the Play Store to accept API 24 (meaning Android N compatible apps).

For everyone else, Google has added the usual easter egg teasing everyone of what the name could be. Should you go to Settings>About Phone and tap on the Android Version section, a big material “N” will pop up. Instead of the Androidified Flappy Bird game, you will get the N logo with “Namey McNameface:” plastered across it. Pretty sure it’s not going to be the final Android name.

If you want to try the latest version of Android N (which comes to OTA) on a compatible device (Nexus 6, 9, 5x, 6P, Player, Pixel C), simply go to google.com/android/beta and click “enroll device”. After a few minutes, ‘system updates’ in the settings menu should give you a prompt to download the latest version of Android.

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To un-enroll a device, just repeat the process and click “UNENROLL DEVICE.” The device will receive another OTA update that will put it back to the public version of Android.
WARNING: going back to the public version of N will FACTORY RESET your device. Everything will be DELETED when you exit the beta program.
Nothing will happen if you enroll into developer preview.

Image credit: Android Police

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