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Circle to Search

Circle to Search Feature Launches on Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

  Samsung's newest Search feature, initially exclusive to the Galaxy S24 series, surprised everyone by making its way to Google's Pixel 8 and Pixel 8...
Google Tensor G5

TSMC Chosen for Google Tensor G5 Production

Google is teaming up with Taiwanese company KYEC to test its own Tensor chip. The collaboration, set to kick off mid-year, signals Google's potential...
Circle to Search

Google Now Has an Exciting Way to Search

Exciting news from Google! They just dropped the deets on two spanking-new AI tools designed to supercharge your online searches and make your digital...

Google Admits Tracking You Even in Incognito Mode

Google is giving Chrome's Incognito mode a clearer heads-up! The update aims to let users know that both Google and other websites can still...
Google Assistant

Google Assistant’s 17 Features Going Away Soon

Google Assistant, our trusty voice companion, is getting a fresh new look. In a recent blog update, Google announced that some changes coming our...
Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts To Close in 2024

Google Podcasts is set to bid farewell in April 2024, marking the end of its standalone app. This decision comes after Google merged podcasts...
Gemini AI

Google Unveils Gemini AI Series to Rival ChatGPT

Google has given its AI chatbot, Bard, a major upgrade by integrating it with the powerful Gemini Pro model. Bard Advanced, is set to launch...
Google Emoji Reactions

Google Messages Adds Animated Emoji Reactions

Google Messages is adding a dash of vibrancy to conversations with the introduction of Google emoji reactions. Uncovered in the beta version by AssembleDebug,...

Bard Now Understands and Answers Questions About YouTube Videos

Google's Bard, known for its remarkable AI capabilities, is taking a giant leap with a groundbreaking update. Now, it doesn't just interact with you;...

Google Engages in Discussions for Investment in Character.AI

According to Reuters, Google is currently in discussions to invest in Character.AI, a rapidly growing AI chatbot startup seeking capital for model training and...