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Tensor G5

Google’s Tensor G5 Chip Packs Custom CPU and GPU

Google is gearing up for some major improvements with its upcoming Tensor G5 chip. According to a reliable leak from @OreXda on X, Google...
Google Paid $26 Billion

Google Paid $26 Billion for Default Search Engine in 2021

During the Justice Department's antitrust trial, a senior Google executive, Prabhakar Raghavan, testified that Google paid a whopping $26.3 billion (PHP1.5 trillion) in 2021...

Chrome Search Bar Can Now Automatically Fix Your Typo

Google is presently in the process of rolling out updates for its widely used Chrome browser. While these updates may not be immediately apparent,...
Microsoft CEO Criticizes Google

Microsoft CEO Criticizes ‘Dominant’ Google in US Trial

Microsoft's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Satya Nadella, took a firm stance in a US court on Monday, expressing concerns about Google's overwhelming control of...
Apple Considering Replacing Google

Apple Considering Replacing Google Search

Google, a widely preferred search engine, is the go-to choice for billions of users globally, including those with Apple devices. However, Apple has a...
Google Free AI Skills

Google Philippines Introduces Free AI Skills Development Course

Google Philippines announced yesterday that Google Cloud is putting out a free AI skills development course to help Filipinos learn about AI and machine...
Google Maps Negligence Lawsuit

Google Faces Negligence Lawsuit Following Mishap

The family of a man from North Carolina is suing Google for negligence after a tragical death happen when a vehicle crashed into a...
Android Device Communication

Google Is Improving Android Device Communication

Integration is the name of the game in this day and age. Not only do our gadgets need to work, but they also need...

Google Enables End-to-End Encryption for All Messages Users

Google has been pushing RCS as a new standard for texting to replace SMS and SMS for a long time. The tech giant keeps...
Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro

Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Info Leaked Online

Since it began in 1998, Google has grown from a simple search engine to a tech giant with businesses in many different areas. One...