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TSMC Chosen for Google Tensor G5 Production

Google Tensor G5

Google is teaming up with Taiwanese company KYEC to test its own Tensor chip. The collaboration, set to kick off mid-year, signals Google’s potential shift away from Samsung’s processors in its Pixel phones.

Dubbed “Laguna” and speculated to be the Google Tensor G5, this chip is eyeing a 2025 debut and is likely to be crafted using TSMC’s advanced 3nm process.

With a primary focus on artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, aligning with Google’s commitment to AI-powered features in its Pixel devices, this move represents Google’s first foray into a fully custom chipset design.

Shifting production to TSMC could be a game-changer for Google, allowing more control over chip design. This might translate to more robust and efficient Pixel phones, a departure from Samsung’s Exynos chips that currently trail Qualcomm’s Snapdragon series.

Despite this exciting prospect, Google’s immediate collaboration with Samsung continues. The Tensor G4, destined for the upcoming Pixel 9 series, will utilize Samsung’s 4nm process, promising incremental improvements over the G3 in the Pixel 8 series.


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