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Google Now Has an Exciting Way to Search

Circle to Search

Exciting news from Google! They just dropped the deets on two spanking-new AI tools designed to supercharge your online searches and make your digital life way more awesome.

For all you Android users out there, get ready to up your search game! Google is rolling out a nifty feature called “Circle to Search.

What’s that? Well, imagine circling, tapping, highlighting, or scribbling on pics, videos, or text on your phone screen, and voila! More info magically pops up.

But that’s not all! Now you can point your phone camera at something mysterious, or upload a photo or screenshot, and ask Google a question about it.

These AI wonders were teased at Samsung’s Unpacked event and are set to debut on the Galaxy S24 smartphone lineup.

Google’s making your searches smarter! Using fancy tech like the viral chatbots to personalize your experience.

So, are you ready to level up your search game with Google’s AI magic?


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