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ChatGPT Desktop App

ChatGPT Desktop App for Mac Users Now Available

  OpenAI just made ChatGPT better with some new updates! Among the highlights is the introduction of a new ChatGPT desktop app for Mac, initially...
Flood Hub

Google AI Called Flood Hub Predicts Floods 7 Days Early

  The recent announcement from Google Research is nothing short of captivating. Google Research has unveiled a groundbreaking artificial intelligence system capable of forecasting floods a...
Gemini AI

Apple’s GenAI Plans Shift, Gemini AI Could Arrive on iPhones

  As the realm of Generative AI expands into everyday gadgets like smartphones and laptops, Apple finds itself playing catch-up to tech giants like Google,...
Light-Powered Chip

Light-Powered Chip Unleashes Next-Level AI Innovation

  Engineers at the University of Pennsylvania have unveiled a groundbreaking technology that could reshape the future of computing. Their latest creation is a chip...

Reddit Partners with AI Company for Content Licensing

  Reddit has just sealed a $60 million yearly deal with a mysterious AI giant, granting access to its user-generated content. This move, part of...
Google Maps AI

Google Maps Levels Up with Generative AI

  In an exciting move, Google is injecting a dose of artificial intelligence into its beloved Google Maps app, starting with a special treat for...
Circle to Search

Google Now Has an Exciting Way to Search

Exciting news from Google! They just dropped the deets on two spanking-new AI tools designed to supercharge your online searches and make your digital...

AI Intensifies SIM Registration Enforcement

In the digital age, protecting mobile users from scams and fraudulent activities remains a challenge, despite good intentions behind laws like the SIM Registration...

WhatsApp Introduces AI Chatbot & New Shortcut in Beta

WhatsApp keeps enhancing its platform by integrating AI to elevate user experience. After recent tests on AI-generated stickers,  they're now rolling out a beta feature...
OpenAI Students

OpenAI Plans to Integrate ChatGPT in Student Learning

Initially perceived as a threat academically, ChatGPT raised concerns among teachers worried about potential student cheating. However, educators began seeing the diverse ways AI...