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Google Assistant’s 17 Features Going Away Soon

Google Assistant
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Google Assistant, our trusty voice companion, is getting a fresh new look. In a recent blog update, Google announced that some changes coming our way.

We will soon wave our goodbyes to 17 features starting January 26. Why, you ask? Well, Google’s on a mission to amp up the “quality and reliability” of Google Assistant, making it a breeze to use on all your devices.

As mentioned, starting January 26, if you attempt to use any of the soon-to-be-retired 17 features, a nifty notification will pop up, giving you the heads up that they are no longer in action.

Additionally, according to 9to5Google, starting this February 26, most of these features will vanish into thin air.

List of 17 Google Assistant Features

  • Audiobook control via voice on Google Play Books.
  • Managing cookbooks on Google Assistant, including transferring recipes and watching instructional videos.
  • Requesting to schedule or listen to previously set Family Bell announcements.
  • Setting media, music, or radio alarms on Google Assistant.
  • Stopwatch management on Smart Displays and Speakers.
  • Voice calling a device or broadcasting to your Google Family Group.
  • Sending emails, video, or audio messages by voice.
  • Rescheduling an event in Google Calendar with your voice.
  • Asking to meditate with Calm.
  • Requesting contact information via voice is discontinued.
  • The App Launcher in Google Assistant driving mode on Google Maps for messages and calls.
  • Voice control for activities on Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 devices.
  • Viewing your sleep summaries will only be available on Google Smart Displays.
  • Checking the estimated “Commute to Work” time on Smart Displays.
  • Caller ID for calls from speakers and Smart Displays won’t be displayed unless you’re using Duo.
  • Voice-checking personal travel itineraries.
  • Voice actions like sending payments, making reservations, or posting on social media.

Google is also reportedly enhancing the Google app to generate search responses when you tap the microphone icon. What’s your take on these changes?


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