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Google Unveils Gemini AI Series to Rival ChatGPT

Gemini AI

Google has given its AI chatbot, Bard, a major upgrade by integrating it with the powerful Gemini Pro model.

Bard Advanced, is set to launch in 2024, offering users cutting-edge capabilities. To support this, Google introduces Cloud TPU v5p, the most powerful TPU system, speeding up large-scale generative AI model training.

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It comes in three sizes:

  • Gemini AI Ultra
  • Gemini AI Pro
  • Gemini AI Nano

The Gemini 1.0, now running Bard, excels in understanding complex information and answering related questions with its multimodal capabilities.

Exciting times lie ahead for Bard and Gemini users. Are you ready for the next level of AI capabilities?


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