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SMART confirms SurfMax LTE has 800MB Data Cap Limit, NOT Unlimited after all

smart prepaid lte 4g surfmax data cap bandwidth limit

SMART’s newest SurfMax and SurfMax Plus have been announced and replaced the unlimited 4G LTE and Smart Bro 3G internet promos.

Alongside with these new plans for both postpaid and prepaid subscribers, SMART confirmed that they will be limiting the speed of SurfMax and SurfMax LTE once reached with the daily data cap of 800MB a day.

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So what will happen to your internet speed once you’ve reached the limit of Smart SurfMax?

Smart will throttle or limit your internet speed by either downgrading your 4G LTE to 3G signals or by making both 4G and 3G step down to 2.5G/2G speed (EDGE/GPRS) until 12 midnight. As of writing, Smart is yet to announce the exact download and upload speed once user reached the data cap of 800MB per day.

What could you do with an 800MB data per day?

You could either enjoy one or two lines below depending on how you manage your data.

  • 4-5 games of DOTA 2 online
  • 1-2 movie download in 480p/standard definition
  • 2-4 TV series download in 480p/standard definition
  • 1-3 hours of Youtube streaming
  • Lots of emails, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Periscope), messaging

Plans and how to register on SurfMax Prepaid:

Use promo code below and send it to 9999 via text/SMS or go to Smart.com.ph dashboard on your browser.

Product Description Keyword Price Validity
SurfMax 50 P50 1 day
3G All-day surfing SURFMAX50
SurfMax 299 P299 7 days
SurfMax 999 P999 30 days
Surfmax Plus 50 P50 1 day
LTE All-day surfing SURFMAXPLUS50
SurfMax Plus 299 P299 7 days
SurfMax Plus 995 P995 30 days
SURFMAX POSTPAID (Available on November 10, 2015)
Product Keyword Price Validity
SurfMax 995 SURFMAX995 P995 30 Days
SurfMax 995 Autorenew GO SURFMAX995 P995 30 Days

Other plans specifically for Smart Bro but will still work with normal SMART Prepaid SIM cards:

Product Keyword Price Validity
SurfMax 50 SURFMAX50 P50 1 day
SurfMax 85 SURFMAX85 P85 2 days
SurfMax 200 SURFMAX200 P200 5 days
SurfMax 250 SURFMAX250 P250 7 days
SurfMax 500 SURFMAX500 P500 15 days
SurfMax 995 SURFMAX995 P995 30 days

Smart says they will throttle the speed or reduce the overall download and upload speed. However, they didn’t clarify yet on what exact speed you will be throttled to. Smart will announce more information for this one. So be sure to stick on our Facebook, Twitter and website for updates about the latest SurfMax.

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  1. I spending fucking to much money for this shit internet.. philippines is the only coutry that had a very expensive data connection but worst service..

  2. Hi,Every time I visit Philippines I haven’t seen any development by both telecommunications!!!!
    we’re paying for unlimited data package but our per day 800mb limit this is unfair !!!. You have to consider your consumers are watching hd videos and games movies And etc….. You should give a limitation of data package for whole month as like 6gb limit so whatever consumers use those their welfare.
    Other countries are offering 12gb per month and unlimited per day no throttle no lag and worry to think each day about your data consumption.
    For setting up 800mb limit per day is not an option……
    I’m not completely satisfied with your term of use.

  3. yikes. smart now sucks. it really hurts students or people living in dormitories where you cant install your own wifi. we cant download heavy files and softwares since we are limited to just 800 mb. i hope they fix this. this is not good

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