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Globe’s GoSakto 1GB internet data cap for P36 VS Smart SurfMax’s 800MB for P50


After Smart’s announcement of its new SurfMax promo and updated FUP (fair use policy), we checked out Globe’s create-your-own-promo thru GoSakto which is surprisingly cheaper and has 1GB consumable data and 20SMS to all-network a day for P36 pesos only, compared to Smart SurfMax with 800MB throttling data point for P50.

For starters, Smart Telecommunication has announced changes to its prepaid and postpaid basic surfing plans, mainly the SurfMax and SurfMax Plus for 4G LTE speed. These new SurfMax promos have throttling speed once you’ve reached 800MB in a day. It means they will slow down or reduce both your internet download and upload speed once you’ve reached the data cap.

Service Provider Plan Data Speed and limit Cost
Globe GoSakto 1GB data/day + 20SMS to all-network 1GB or 1024MB Consumable and up to 4G LTE speed P36 a day
Smart SurfMax (bro, prepaid) 800MB (once reached, speed will reduce) Unlimited and up to 3.5G or HSPA+ P50 a day
Smart SurfMax Plus 800MB (once reached, speed will reduce) Unlimited and up to 4G LTE P50 a day

Unlike Globe’s consumable GoSakto 1GB/day, SurfMax is still unlimited, however, internet speed will reduce and may vary for each user. Smart is yet to announce on what will be the specific internet speed after reaching the daily limit.

How-to Create your own Globe Sakto Promo for P36/day

Creating your Globe’s GoSakto promo is very easy, just dial *143# on your phone then navigate to Create Your Own Promo > Text and Surfing > All-net text > 20SMS > 1000MB or 1GB data > 1 day > Subscribe.

If you’re going to set 2 days or more, then the price will increase while on the same data cap.

Meanwhile, here’s how and how much the Smart’s SurfMax promo are:

Product Description Keyword Price Validity
SurfMax 50 P50 1 day
3G All-day surfing SURFMAX50
SurfMax 299 P299 7 days
SurfMax 999 P999 30 days
Surfmax Plus 50 P50 1 day
LTE All-day surfing SURFMAXPLUS50
SurfMax Plus 299 P299 7 days
SurfMax Plus 995 P995 30 days

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  1. Wow that’s really interesting. From what I’ve read about the new offering from Smart, once you go over the 800 mb threshold, it is as good as a hardcap for the day. So even though they claim you’ll still get some kind of speed, it basically cuts you off right there (unless you do some of the various workarounds that exist).

    What’s nice about this is the price per day, along with the effectively higher daily limit and Globe’s 4G LTE network, which at this point performs better than SMART.

    Obvously, it is for prepaid. So maybe I’ll give it a shot and put the sim into my pocket wifi for a day.

    • This promo is not officially advertised, but last week I checked the promo and still working, the same with the other GoSakto promos. Some even labeled these as bugs to the system.

  2. I have a smartbro pocket wifi LTE contract till October 2016 for p999 per month for 8 GB which we consume in 6 days. Can I get similar service using the same device with globe sim? Thanks

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