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OPPO 125W Ultra-Fast Charging Charges up to 100% in 15 Mins, 50% in 5 Mins!

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OPPO 125W Charging Technology Will Debut Tomorrow in China

There’s no doubt that smartphone battery life isn’t as problematic as it was before. Today, even if your phone doesn’t last a whole day, the fast charging speed it supports more than make up for it. When 30W is becoming a trend in cheaper phones, getting bad battery life isn’t a problem. While some expensive ones can reach up to an already impressive 65W, get ready to be mind blown as OPPO’s next fast-charging solution is going to break boundaries with 125W in tow! 

Slated for an announcement in China tomorrow, OPPO claims that the upcoming ultra-fast charging technology can replenish a phone up to 50% charging in 5 minutes and up to 100% in 15 minutes. Although the capacity was not mentioned, the company probably tested 125W on a 4000mAh dummy phone. Being under the same umbrella, Vivo could also be releasing its version for the iQOO gaming brand.  

A few months ago, a claim surfaced that charging the OPPO Ace 2 with 65W means battery degrading at a faster rate than typical phones. However, the company debunked the claim by releasing two lab tests, with one being from an independent company. 

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