LTFRB Urges Congress to End Motorcycle Taxi Pilot

motorcycle taxi pilot
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The LTFRB is recommending the termination of the ongoing Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Program, suggesting its continuation until the passage of the Motorcycle Taxi Bill into law. Atty. Teofilo Guadiz, who leads the Motorcycle Taxi Technical Working Group (TWG), proposed abstaining from accrediting new players and maintaining the three current operators with provisional licenses, which are Angkas, Joyride, and Move It. This move aims to ensure stability in the industry while awaiting legislative action.

Initiated in 2019 by a resolution from the House of Representatives, the Motorcycle Taxi Pilot Study seeks to establish regulatory frameworks for motorcycle taxis.

However, it faces hurdles such as expansion beyond Metro Manila and the approval of additional operators. These challenges prompt lawmakers to call for a thorough conclusion of the study before considering further initiatives.

Senator Grace Poe underscores the necessity of prioritizing the submission of the pilot study’s assessment and results before expanding the program. She stresses the importance of comprehensive planning and traffic assessment to mitigate potential risks to commuters and service providers.

While the decision to adopt the TWG’s recommendations ultimately lies with the House of Representatives, LTFRB emphasizes the livelihoods of many riders dependent on the app-based service.

With around 45,000 slots allocated in Metro Manila alone, discontinuing the program could jeopardize these livelihoods. Therefore, they advocate for the program’s continuation until a new law is enacted. So, should they maintain the program until a new law is passed?