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Five Well Known Smartphone Companies That Started From a Different Industry

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Smartphone companies are the brains behind the devices, the ones that create our utility devices and aims to provide us, some top notch devices for our convenience. Though Smartphone industry’s top giants now, back then, these companies were part of a different world. Lets check out the list of Five well-known smartphone companies from a different industry.


Apple has pretty much redefined the industry itself. The iPhone series is probably one of the most widely popular smartphone series in the world and theres not much surprise as to why. Apple has been making computers and operating systems in the past, so they’re not exactly lost, when it comes to tech devices. Leading the pack, with their iPhone series, this company achieved something more than meets the eye. Currently, Apple is on a pretty good spot, with their iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on the market, and it looks like the Apple train won’t slow down by any means.

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Apple and Microsoft are pretty well-known rivals in the software industry. They stood toe-to-toe with one another in many occassions. Some of these battles, led towards Microsoft’s side, other times it goes to Apple, but one things for sure. Where one goes, the other will follow. This is relatively true, when apple transitioned and provided smartphones. Microsoft came into the future, with they’re purchased rights on Nokia’s Lumia series and took on not only Apple itself, but rather other companies in the smartphone industry. They’re also in the gaming industry, with their XBOX brand and is looking good than ever, with the launching of their new Surface and Lumia devices. It looks like the Microsoft and Apple rivalry continues.

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This is a brand that we pretty much known of since we were kids. The playstation was a major device of everyones childhood and the company behind it, Sony is all but amazing as well. Sony transitioned to smartphones and specialized the waterproof resistance feature on their devices. Sony has been a part of not only our childhood, but also our present, with their introduction of new smartphone IPs, such as the Xperia Z5 and its variants. One can wonder, what we will be next for this tech giant, Hopefully, something in the line of PS5! one can hope.

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Samsung is Korea’s powerhouse brand that started off, with appliances and tv’s. They took things to the next level, when they got into the smartphone bandwagon and took on the industry’s best head on. Samsung is known to be very peculiar, in their exterior design, which is relatively, obvious on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s gold and metal back cover. Sophisticated and classy, Samsung looks to up their game on the following months, with a few upcoming device reveals in mind. But for now, we can also safely say that Samsung is a company that is quite known that only on their homecourt, Korea, but, also around the world.

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LG, like Samsung is part of the appliance industry, with them widely known to compete with the majority of appliances types in that industry. With their success in hand, from those industries, LG figured its was time for something new, and thus their transition towards the smartphone industry begins. LG currently has some highly acclaimed products in the market, such as the LG G4, that was known to be provide excellent camera outputs. LG stands for quality at all costs, and is not afraid to try out a few new things to help us understand their objectives. Where would this lead LG? who knows, but we’ll also consider an LG branded device, as a device of top notch quality.

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These companies were chosen, based on their fame level and brand recognition established. There might be a few more companies we missed, though we are sure tha those companies deserved as much credit as these companies on the list.

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