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7 Dangers of Gaming Addiction – How You Can Escape Them

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Gaming is a fun thing to do. We’ve played our fair share of guys in our childhood and some have bounded with games better than other people. As someone who have grown as a gamer and have played many other games in the past, its a no-brainer for us to be addicted to certain kinds of games, wherein we, as human beings couldn’t control ourselves and sometimes create bad habits on the process. With that, though, we figured to list down five common dangers of gaming addiction and how you can escape the addiction.

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Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a common problem that addicted gamers encounter, when you’re addicted on a game, you would often disregard time management and would just play your game whenever or until you lost all your energy. This is a very dangerous habit because sleep deprivation could lead to certain health problems or even caffeine overdose if you keep ingesting coffee to maintain your energy.


Make sure to always have a schedule when playing your games. Never go all-out in a game then, trust me, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, it wasn’t a nice thing to do. You’ll eventually feel the effects eventually, which could be really dangerous. By scheduling you gaming sessions, you’ll be able to balance the stuff you need to do, relax time and gaming time all at once, and yes, relax time for me is different than gaming time.


Depression oftentime kicks in when you least expect it. Being isolated all yourself, failing in games, plus the solitude of barely talking to it could spark up depression, especially if this is practice frequently. It’s going to be hard for someone who’ve hit a certain level of depression to return to their normal self, so it’s advisable to prevent depression, rather than cure it.


The only way to prevent this is to always have some in socializing. Never isolate yourself in your games, it’s not a good habit and wouldn’t be beneficial to you by any means. Learn to look for people that you can relate to, such as your preference in gaming, or gaming events, it’ll help you to keep out depression and play your games at the same time.

Uncontrollable stress

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Stress, either via gaming-related scenario or real world-related scenario can be a pain. The worst possible case is if you’re heavily stressed in gaming. Some games can be really stressful and could really let you out of your comfort zone, but remember, games are not the reality of the world, don’t try to do drastic measures in a game-induced stress.

The only way for you to keep your cool is to take a breather, if stress in gaming has gotten into you, then try to let go of the controller for a while. Take a nap, go outside or take a pee break, whatever you do, you should get out of the game’s premises for a while. That way, you can let off steam and function normally again.

Inactive lifestyle

Well, gaming isn’t exactly something that requires cardio-related action, at least, some games anyways, so being active is out of the question. If you’re living a gamer’s life then most likely you’re not living an active lifestyle (I’m guilty indeed). Still, though, if you’re planning to live a gamers life, make sure to be a little bit active. Sticking around with this type of habit is always gonna give you health problems in the future, which could even lead to fatal illnesses.


The solution is pretty simple, live a more active lifestyle, don’t let yourself be secluded by your games. I mean gaming is pretty fun, though where’s the fun in getting sick right? Always aim for an active lifestyle and eventually you’ll get the habit to live with it frequently


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Some young gamers, who heavily rely on their parent’s money often time resort into harsh actions to get close with their games. Some steal money, some threaten their folks and some even try to sell precious gifts that their parents gave to them to gain money for their game. It’s a pretty straightforward danger of gaming addiction, which could resort to crimes


The solution to this problem is on the gamer, make sure to balance your desire to play. It might not be a practical way to resolve the problem, but it’s one of the quickest ways. Make sure to know your gaming limits and if you still can’t play at a particular extent, then accept it, wholeheartedly.

Unhealthy eating habits

This is more of an effect of the sleep deprivation part of this list. When you can sleep, you intend to eat a lot, making whatever it is available to eat or being edible, the only thing to eat. Eating a lot while playing games is a normal thing, usually, junk food and fizzy drinks are the notorious bunch on this times, so it’s nice to know and limit your junk food when gaming.


Try to limit your food by minimizing the amount of food available in your premises. Don’t let gaming self-take the lead, but rather your reasonable self. Make sure to always limit what you have, if food is a necessity. Sometimes the habit kicks in when frequent eating-while-gaming sessions are happening.

Lack of personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is the pretty normal problem that gaming addicts encounter and to top it all off, it’ll not only affect the person, but rather the people around him/her as well. We all know that personal hygiene is an important responsibility and relieving yourself with that responsibility could lead to a lot of health-related issues, which could immediately be the person’s demise, plus you’ll stink too.


The solution is a no brainer, try to take breaks and take a bath for once, always have time to do you hygiene rituals, because trust us, living like a hobo is no gamer’s life, it’s just being lazy overall.

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