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Which Smartphone is Most Popular?


Which smartphone is the most popular? Well, most popular last year to be exact. Most people would answer Samsung is the most popular, while others might say Apple.

We have our own preferences and that’s fine. Right now, let us look at the data and settle once and for all on which smartphone is most popular in 2020.

This research was done by Omdia and they gave us some numbers to look at on which is popular. The numbers are based upon shipments that were made last year all over the world. On the top three spots, Apple dominates the list. iPhone 11, iPhone SE (2020), and iPhone 12 heads the list which had the most shipments worldwide. First on the list is the iPhone 11 got a shipment of 64.8 million units while iPhone SE, which takes the second spot, sold and shipped 24.2 million handsets. The third spot is also taken by Apple with their iPhone 12 and shipped handsets of about 23.3 million.

Comparing with 2019’s list in which Apple got the number one and number two spots, it seems that Apple had pretty good numbers despite that we were in a pandemic.

The fourth to the sixth spot was taken over by Samsung’s Galaxy A51, Galaxy A21s, and Galaxy A01 which had shipped units of 23.2 million, 19.4 million, and 16.9 million respectively. In 2019, Samsung took the third to the fourth spot namely the Galaxy A10, Galaxy A50, and Galaxy A20 which had shipped units of about 30.3 million, 24.2 million, 19.2 million respectively worldwide.

Returning to the current list, Apple again takes another spot with the iPhone 12 Pro Max shipping 16.8 million units around the world and also making it the most expensive handset on the list with the starting price of $1,232. The eighth spot is with the Samsung Galaxy A11 accumulating 15.3 million units shipped and the ninth spot is taken by Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Redmi with its Redmi Note 9 Pro garnering shipments of about 15 million units.

The last spot is again taken by Apple’s iPhone 12 mini, the second most expensive phone with a price of $796. The iPhone 12 mini has about 14.5 million handsets sold worldwide.

This shows how Apple has dominated the smartphone industry and has truly made a name on its own. According to Jusy Hong, the Senior Research Manager Wireless Devices & Components at Omdia, “The top 10 list illustrates Apple’s tight grip on the overall smartphone market and the strength of its brand compared to all other smartphone OEMs. The list also illustrates that other OEMs, even a globally well-positioned brand like Samsung, have trouble breaking through to consumers with their own premium devices – no Galaxy S or Note-line model made it into the top 10. The only other OEM with a real shot at challenging Apple’s position as the top premium smartphone OEM, Huawei, will see its role in the international smartphone market continue to decrease. Other brands, like Xiaomi, Vivo, and OPPO have other product portfolio priorities than challenging Apple in the premium segment at this point.”

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