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Sony Xperia M5 Auto Shutdown Problem Explained + Permanent Fix

Auto Shutdown Fix Solution Sony Xperia M5 Dual Philippines

Since we reviewed and compared the Sony Xperia M5, we’ve received a lot of questions about our experience with it. Particularly on the known issue, which is the auto shutdown or sudden death of the Xperia M5 while in standby mode.

So I think it’s a great time I’d share my experience too amidst the “auto shutdown” fiasco and give some temporary solution and/or permanent fix for your warranted Sony Xperia M5.

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What’s the known bug that causes the auto shutoff/shutdown/turn off of Xperia M5?

It all started back late last year when I updated my dual-SIM Xperia M5. After that, the phone auto shutoff like every 10-15minutes. The quick fix to turn it on is by plugging it to the microUSB charger or power adapter.

The major cause of the known bug is more isolated to the faulty battery on some single and dual-SIM variants than on cellular network and software areas. Although it is the switching of the network triggers the automatic shutdown either from 4G LTE/3G WCDMA/2G to a new mode.

Still, the primary cause is the faulty battery which is backed up by Sony Support and Customer Service Centers. This issue happened to few Nokia devices too several years ago.

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Test your unit before buying

Perhaps, one of the useful measures is to test the Xperia M5 while you’re in the store. You can also ask Sony or the store if the unit you are buying is a fixed model with a healthy battery pack inside.

How to turn back on your Xperia M5 when it shut downs automatically and initiated to sudden death state?

Plug in your phone to a charger using the microUSB cable. This will turn on your Xperia M5 back.

Temporary fix, solution to avoid auto shutdown bug

As stated by few members of Sony Support forum, one of the easy fixes is to resort to 3G WCMDA network, 2G GSM GPRS/EDGE, or both as these networks have probably the strongest signals in your area than on 4G LTE.

Permanent fix for the faulty battery

Of course, the only way to permanently repair and remove the auto shutdown bug is to have your battery replaced by Sony Center. We read that all customer service line of Sony is aware of the issue of the faulty battery.

In the forum, some say that it would 3 days to 2 weeks to have your Xperia M5 replaced with a brand new battery.

I am not sure in the Philippines if there are sudden death cases that have happened. So just be sure to follow the guides above even if you bought your Xperia M5 in a different region.

Let me know in the comments if this issue happened to you or if there are other problems you are experiencing on the Xperia M5.

Sony Xperia M5 Dual Price, Full Specs, Release

  • 5-inch Full HD 1080p IPS display, Triluminos Bravia Engine, 441ppi
  • Scratch-resistant, Oleophobic
  • Waterproof, dust resistant IP68 rating
  • MediaTek Helio X10 chip, 2GHz octa-core processor
  • PowerVR G6200 graphics
  • 3GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, microSD card up to 200GB
  • 21MP main camera, 4K UHD video, LED flash, image stabilization
  • 13MP selfie front-facing camera
  • WiFi a, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS
  • 2600 mAh battery
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Price at 18k-20k from Sony Philippines

Source: Sony Forum


  1. My dad bought me this phone in KSA. At first, I enjoyed using my phone but I got frustrated with the auto shutdown problem. Can I bring my phone to any Sony wireless center here in the Philippines?? Will they also replace the battery of my phone.. Please help me. Thank u in advance. God bless.

    BTW, I saw your vids/reviews about M5 that made me like this phone and ask my dad to buy this one. ?

    • Hi Ciz, if you bought it from an official retailer (with warranty) Sony Phippines will surely help you. I will address this to Sony PH if ever you will encounter problems while handing to Sony Centre.

  2. Jade. Im a sony fan and it give me a hard time to decide because of the discussed issues about the smartphone. Is it a good mid-range phone or not? Is Sony xperia C5 ultra better than sony xperia m5 dual? Considering the issues tackled about.

    Help me out, what can you propose how am I going to handle the issues in Sony xperia M5 dual if ever I pick it. Thanks

    • Hi JL. The Xperia M5 is one of the best mid-range I’ve encountered. It’s a really good phone. I think it is better than C5 mainly in video recording, waterproof, and size.

      The issue of auto shutdown has been addressed by Sony. So this wont give u a problem if you are buying from Sony.

      The big contender to M5 is the Xperia Z3+ which is priced low in online stores. Lemme know if u have more questions

    • M5 is one of the best mid-range right now. I think it is superior to C5 because of the waterproofing, 4K video recording, more capable main camera, and more compact design (tho this is user’s preference).
      The Z3+ is a very good option for M5 if you could still get it at a lower price, maybe through online stores.
      About the issue, Sony is aware of the issue and they have addressed this already. You can also check or test the phone before buying it. Much better buy the M5 from official Sony store.

      • As what I have read about the international reviews about M5, they say that the first batch of the phone has a lot of dents. Did they really gave attention on it (Baterry Issue) ? I really want the M5 also because of its stylish design and Gold Color but issues hold me back from buying it.

      • If ever I experience those said dents, how should I deal with it?
        Over heating, auto shutdown, applications that crash more often, etc..

        And will you clear things to me about the issue in its OS. 5.0 and 5.1
        Is it true that it cant hold the 5.1? Im asking for Sony Xperia M5 Dual. Thanks, hope I didnt waste your time because of this questions. 🙂

        Sorry, im asking a lot of questions because you already have a phone I really want. 🙂

  3. my m5 is look like permantly death,cannot power on at all
    I tried all the restart way
    And the pc way,it even cannot detect my m5
    When i connect to charger it only show red led
    When i connect to power bank with 2.1V the led light is strong and turn weak red light
    if 1.0V it only show up the red led light for 20~30 seconds
    Please help to fix..SO SAD

  4. I’ll just sent my sony m5 in sony service center makati..hoping that they will fix the AUTO SHUTOFF permanently!

  5. mine just literally shut off… the last time I used it is when I opened an app, then it hangs again, after that it can’t be opened until now… I have tried various ways to open it but its still not opening. I am planning to take it to sony center to be checked or ask for a new battery.

  6. hello.. i bought my sony m5 last aprill 20, 2016 from sony store in sm taytay philippines. However, this may 20, my sony xperia M5 just autoshutdown and then it never turns on.. i thought theres no battery.. however i charge it however still nothing happens..
    i went to the nearest sony service center last may 26 and then gave it to them for repair as it still on warranty period (newly bought).
    i was terminated on my work because i have no phone for almost 20 days… .
    i dont even have any spare phone…. as i dont like to use many gadgets
    i have a sony V before, but i didnt experience any problems

  7. san po pwede ipaayos yung sony xperia m5 dual ko? kc ayaw tanggapin s sony service center yung po ko kasi daw galing malaysia daw to.

  8. same here i buy my m5 from bulgaria and they dont want to raplace my m5 they tell no problem with the phone LOL

  9. I’m thinkng of giving my phone to Sony Center for them to fix it because ever since I updated to Android M, it started the auto shutdown thing. Will I be charged if I return this?

  10. Hi,

    My Sony Xperia M5 Dual Phone just simply shut down and I have to connect it to a power source, even it’s charged.

    I tried to repair with PCC, to remove the SIM card and put it back but the Phone still kept on shutting down automatically.

    The LED on the left upper corner is red initially when it’s connected to power.

    I think the problem has much concern with the battery and Phone also Heating.

    Anyone have Idea to Resolve this issue.?

  11. Hi guys, I lived in the Philippines, I bought my Sony Xperia M5 phone in Saudi Arabia and I still have the proof of purchase or receipt. Last year December 2015. Is it possible or are they going to accept my phone here manila service center? Thanks

  12. This is the last Sony product I bought! I own Sony TV with huge impute lag and pixel death all over the place (right after warranty!), Old smartphone (m4 aqua) died right after warranty expired as well! M5 getting back from repairs, telling me everythink is fine with the phone WTF!? Also, never experienced so week battery in any way of the smartphones ever. So yea, this definitely is the last Sony Product I ordered in my life! Sony was once synonymity for guaranteed great product, today just tricking and scouing the costumers with a crappy cheap products. Never again a Sony product! I am even switching to xBox since 2 broke ps4 controllers after just 2 years of use!??

  13. I have this issue…. Auto shutdown and didn’t start with powerbutton. If i plugin the charger it will start perfectly. What i need to do?

  14. try temporary fix: *#*#4636#*#* to get in phone information then set network to 4G LTE-only. try this it may work

  15. Hi Guys,

    Im using my M5 for over a year now. Had the same problem with everyone here. I read lots of comments and fixes but only one worked for me and until now my phone is working smoothly.

    Just switched your Preferred Network Type to GSM only.

    However this fix will not allow you to connect LTE with your Network. So just connect via Wifi with LTE signals so you can still use your phone as fast as it should be.

    Hope this might help.

  16. It seems like anyone owning this phone have the same problem and did Sony recall product you know they scroud half of world…?? No it did´t! I got my back unrepaired, since it did not shut down there, also they played ignorance card out, not knowing what this shut downs are about…! Picture that! Sending it again would be like making fool of my self! I got practically 400 bucks stolen from me! If anyone is in for a lawsuit against these Sony assholes, than please msg me I am in as well!

  17. dears bro
    i ‘ve a problem that my rear camera thoesn’t work in good
    way it take a blurred photos and 4k video is bad so can u help me

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