Does Nothing Phone Drop Test Signal No Need for Cases?

nothing phone drop test shows no need for protective case


The new Nothing Phone (2a) is making waves, with 100,000 units flying off the shelves on its first day of sale! Boasting the same sleek transparent design as its premium counterpart, the Phone (2), this model comes with a few tweaks.

But here’s the kicker! Nothing’s phones are all about their eye-catching back panel designs. So, do you really need to cover up this beauty with a bulky case?

Well, PBKreviews has put the Phone (2a) through its paces with a drop test. Featuring an aluminum frame, a plastic back, and a tough Gorilla Glass 5 display, this phone seems sturdy. The white variant even has a painted frame.

Dropping the Nothing Phone (2a) yielded minimal damage in tests. No harm occurred dropping it flat on its screen from waist height; minor scrapes appeared when dropped from head height, but the screen stayed pristine. Even when dropped on its frame from waist height, only a few scratches occurred.

The Nothing Phone (2a) holds up surprisingly well. Even the plastic back remains unscathed after four drops. Looks like worrying about protective cases might be a thing of the past, huh?