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Share Data with Smart Pasadata via BigBytes Barkada 99 with 700MB


After going unlimited with their prepaid SurfMax LTE (speed throttling at 800MB), Smart announced a new offer, the Pasadata thru BigBytes Barkada 99 with 700MB shareable data and BigBytes 299 with 2GB data. Mechanics of Pasadata is similar to PLDT Home DSL Speedster postpaid plan with up to 6GB shareable data.

How to register, start sharing with Pasadata BigBytes Barkada 99 or 299

Load your Smart prepaid SIM card and register by sending SMS or text BBB99 to 9999. You can access the promo via #121* from your phone dial pad. The BigBytes shareable data with 700MB has 7 days expiry.

Another promo is BigBytes Barkada 299 with 2GB data and 30 days expiration.

How To Share Data via Pasadata

To send data to a Smart number just text SHARE <space> 11 digit mobile number <space> Amount.

Each transaction costs Php 1 load deduction, so be sure to have an extra load if you are planning to share your data. Minimum data is 50MB per transaction.

Price: Php 99 for BigBytes 99, Php 299 for BigBytes 299
Promo code: BBB99 to 9999 or BBB299
Expiration: 7 days for BBB99, 30 days for BBB299
Expiration of shared data: the same with original promo validity. You cannot transfer the shared data back
Transaction fee per sharing: 1 pesos
Exclusive to SMART mobile numbers. No Sun or Talk’N’Txt support.

I am guessing that sharing is unlimited to SMART numbers as long as you have an available data. I am yet to confirm from Smart if this supports sharing to Talk’n’Txt or SUN cellular and how much is the minimum shareable data. (Check update on top of this.)

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