New iPad Pro and Air Models to Feature Matte and Glossy Display Options

ipad display options


Exciting news for Apple fans! The next-generation iPad Pro models are rumored to come with a never-before-seen option, a matte display. According to a reputable source on Weibo known as “Instant Digital,” this matte display will be offered alongside the standard glossy glass finish.

But what’s the big deal about a matte display? Well, aside from its sleek look, it’s said to come with -4° to +29° of haze and may even include blue-light blocking technology to protect your eyes.

While details are still emerging, speculation suggests that this matte option could feature the same “nano-texture” glass found in Apple’s Pro Display XDR and Studio Display. This special glass reduces glare, making it ideal for bright environments.

But there’s a catch, matte surfaces tend to hold onto fingerprints and smudges more tightly, raising questions about maintenance and cleaning.

And here’s the kicker, this matte display might not be exclusive to the iPad Pro. Rumors hint that it could also make its way to the next-generation iPad Air models.

While there’s no official confirmation from Apple yet, the source behind this leak has a decent track record when it comes to predicting Apple’s moves. Could this matte display revolutionize the iPad experience? Stay tuned for updates!