Apple Buys Canadian Startup AI Firm, DarwinAI



Apple has taken a big step forward in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) by buying a Canadian startup called DarwinAI, according to a report from Bloomberg. This could mean exciting things for the tech giant worth over a trillion dollars.

DarwinAI started back in 2017 and became known for two main AI technologies: one for inspecting AI systems and another for making them smaller. They got funding totaling $15.5 million over five years, with big names like Lockheed Martin and Intel backing them.

Since Apple bought DarwinAI, the startup’s online presence has vanished. Their website and social media accounts are gone. Many former DarwinAI employees have moved to Apple’s AI team, including a top AI researcher named Alexander Wong, who’s now a director there.

Apple confirmed the acquisition but hasn’t said exactly why they bought DarwinAI or what they plan to do with it. However, this could be part of a bigger effort to add AI features to their products, like the next iPhone and Mac operating systems. It seems like Apple wants to catch up with rivals like Microsoft and Google in the AI race.

They might even use AI to improve Siri and other core apps.


There are also rumors that Apple is working on advanced AI models and getting new patents. This could mean we’ll see smarter Apple products in the future. Don’t you think AI-powered Apple gadgets would be pretty cool?